Mark Zuckerberg Is Now 'In a Relationship'

Adrian Chen · 03/23/11 05:33PM

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has been dating his girlfriend Priscilla Chan since Harvard. But he just got around to changing his Facebook relationship status to "In a Relationship," last Sunday, adding the comment "Slightly overdue :)"

Young Americans Too Poor, Sinful to Get Married

Adrian Chen · 09/28/10 10:38PM

According to an analysis of census data, young Americans are marrying later and less frequently than ever. Not surprising, but some experts say this is in part due to our crappy economy. Young people are too poor to get hitched.

David Letterman Made to Squirm Over His Fear of Commitment

Ryan Tate · 04/15/09 04:44AM

Sometimes it's much more firm to watch the Late Show host squirm and make half-hearted self-deprecating jokes than to watch him go on a hilarious tear against someone. (If you're impatient, skip about two minutes in.)