Jennifer Aniston Laugh-Cries About Not Having a Baby Using a Smartwater Commercial

Leah Beckmann · 06/08/12 11:10AM

Looks like Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are pulling a sort of Joaquin Phoenix I'm Not There thing, but with way more Smartwater. The couple are currently working on a short film parodying Aniston's life, rife with frenzied paparazzi, hushed will she or won't she baby rumors, and all the general "tabloid interest in Jennifer's life." Que cinematique!

UPDATE: Here's the Pulled Mary J. Blige Burger King Commercial

Rich Juzwiak · 04/03/12 11:37AM

No one seems to know why the Mary J. Blige Burger King commercial above has been scrubbed from the internet. We spoke with someone who worked on it (he didn't know). We reached out to Burger King for a comment and have yet to hear back.

Is This a Scene List From an Axe Commercial? (UPDATE)

Leah Beckmann · 02/03/12 01:49PM

A possibly (hopefully) real scene list from an Axe commercial is making its way around twitter today, and it is exactly what you would expect an Axe scene list to be. This thing is full of treasures like hot dog milfs, cut off shorts and "hip/cool/sexy/upscale bar patrons," among other very LOL things.

Darren Aronofsky Was Born to Make Anti-Drug PSAs

Maureen O'Connor · 11/09/11 01:19PM

Darren Aronofsky, director of feature-length anti-drug PSA Requiem for a Dream, is finally focusing his creative energy on that which he was born to do: Terrorizing children in 30-second increments, with the goal of discouraging drug use.

New Aflac Duck Voice as Annoying as Old Aflac Duck Voice

Maureen O'Connor · 04/26/11 03:52PM

Praise be the gods, our long national nightmare of peace and quiet is over. After firing Gilbert Gottfried from his job voicing Aflac's screaming spokes-duck, the insurance company has completed its national search for a less offensive replacement. The winner is a sales manager from Hugo, Minnesota (population: 13,000) named Daniel McKeague. Congratulations, Daniel. We can't wait to scramble for the mute button every time your bone-chilling squawk comes on TV.

How Advertisers Market to Boys and Girls

Max Read · 04/10/11 03:48PM

The Achilles Effect, a blog about gender stereotypes and masculinity, took stock of the frequency with which certain words are used in commercials for "gendered" toys like Hot Wheels and Bratz by making Wordle word clouds. See if you can guess which cloud goes with which gender! (Hint: Boys hate friendship, fun and glitter.) [Achilles Effect via Boing Boing]

Larry King Is Hawking Breath Mints Now

Matt Cherette · 04/06/11 08:12PM

Ever since Larry King departed CNN, the talk show legend has had a hard time finding things to fill his time—which is probably why he (and wife Shawn) agreed to shill for BreathGemz in this classically cheesy infomercial. [AdAge]

Impressive Japanese Cell Phone Ad Plays Giant Wooden Xylophone

Kristina Grosspietsch · 04/04/11 02:45PM

This incredible ad for a new Japanese cell phone plays J.S. Bach's "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" on a gigantic, wooden Rube Goldberg-esque xylophone contraption. Perhaps the best part is the phone is called the "Touch Wood". Win!

Republican's April Fools Joke is an Obama Ad

Kristina Grosspietsch · 04/01/11 04:15PM

Today, Republicans tried their hand at comedy with this Obama 2012 ad, steeped in sarcasm and showcasing pictures of him singing with the Jonas brothers. Perhaps the crowning moment is when tiny, animated Obama rides a unicorn over a rainbow.

Denny's New Bacon Holiday Allows You to Eat Bacon Every Meal of the Day

Lauren Soroken · 03/30/11 03:15PM

Denny's has launched "Baconalia," a celebration of "baconian delights" that feature bacon meatloaf, a bacon sampler, and if you don't suffer from congestive heart failure before dessert, a maple bacon sundae. I hope, like the commercial, it also rains tiny bacon bits and bacon streamers on you while you eat.

How Does This Tea Party Commercial Make You Feel as an American?

Tony Kaye · 03/30/11 12:45PM

This is a recent ad by the CAGW. According to them, if we stay our current course, 19 years from now the United States will be owned by China. America will fall like the Roman Empire and we'll all work exclusively for the Chinese. Really?

Watch Serena Williams' Game Ad Deemed Too Hot for TV

Junior Mendez · 03/25/11 05:00PM

Get reacquainted with Serena Williams seen here as the World's Sexiest Tennis Player whether you agree or not. Skin-tight clothes, spiky bracelets and provocative body shots never let this campaign get off the ground.

Watch Kristen Schaal's Wonderfully Wacky Smartphone Commercials

Marie Bardi · 03/22/11 04:50PM

Kristen Schaal's blend of nerdy charm and subtle insanity make her a terrific smartphone spokesperson, as evidenced by these amazing Sony Ericsson commercials. No one would need DVR to fast-forward through commercial breaks if Kristen Schaal were in every advertisement!

World's Greatest College Recruitment Video Filled With Zombies

Lisa Gagliardi · 03/18/11 10:45AM

YouTube user TomSka can't catch a break, he's only trying to update his school's image. But Lincoln University doesn't appear to be amused because they won't use his advertisements. What's so wrong with appealing to the zombies of the world?