Live Blogging Jersey Shore, the Season Finale

Brian Moylan · 01/21/10 09:00PM

And so the most important sociological experiment of our time ends not with a whimper, but a bang. Yup, Snooki and The Situation banging in the Jacuzzi. You know it's going to happen. Come, let us discuss.

Live Blogging the Top Chef Reunion Show

MisterHippity · 12/16/09 08:00PM

It was a great season, even if the wrong guy won. Why not relive the highlights and join our live blog of tonight's reunion show? Just one request: No spoilers about which chubby bearded guy will win "fan favorite," OK?

Live Blogging Top Chef: The Season Finale

MisterHippity · 12/09/09 09:00PM

Bravo is still calling this show Top Chef: Las Vegas, even though we left Sin City weeks ago. If I were to suggest a new, more accurate name for it at this point, I'd go with: Top Chef: Suspense!

Live Blogging Project Runway, Week 13

MisterHippity · 11/12/09 09:00PM

It was last February that this season's final runway competition took place. So the show's editors have had nine full months to gestate and give birth the two-part final that begins tonight. Will it be a boy or a girl?

Live Blogging Top Chef, Week 11

MisterHippity · 11/11/09 09:00PM

Happy Veterans Day! Thank a veteran today? No? Do it now! Call any veterans you know and say thank you, OK? There's time before the live blog starts. And, no, veterans of Restaurant Wars do not count.

Live Blogging Project Runway, Week 12

MisterHippity · 11/05/09 09:00PM

We're down to the last L.A. episode of the season, since the two-part final will be held back in the Big Apple. So we can all just imagine Billy Joel singing "Say Goodbye to Hollywood" during tonight's episode.

Live Blogging the Top Chef All Stars Dinner

MisterHippity · 11/04/09 09:00PM

Hootie-hoo, crew! There's no regular Top Chef episode tonight, because—well, I don't know. WTF, Bravo? But they're airing an all-star special instead, so we're posting this in case folks want to live blog that tonight.

Live Blogging Project Runway, Week 11

MisterHippity · 10/29/09 08:00PM

Happy pre-Halloween Thursday, live bloggers! As a bunch of witty folks interested in designing outfits (or at least watching others do it on TV), I'll bet you guys have some cool costumes planned for this weekend, huh?

Live Blogging Top Chef, Week 10

MisterHippity · 10/28/09 08:00PM

My favorite Top Chef moments involve things bursting into flame. Sadly, that hasn't happened in the kitchen this year. Happily, the same isn't true of this live blog — you guys were on fire last week!

Live Blogging Project Runway, Week 9

MisterHippity · 10/15/09 08:00PM

As someone old enough to know who Bob Mackie is, I must say: I find live blogging to be rejuvenating: As you waste hours of your life doing it, you can take years off it at the same time!

Live Blogging Top Chef, Week 8

MisterHippity · 10/14/09 08:00PM

Well gang, we've reached the midpoint of the season and this much is clear: Never has the talent on this show been so clearly divided. You've got the contenders (the Brothers, Beardo and Jen) and the pretenders (everyone else).

Live Blogging Project Runway, Week 8

MisterHippity · 10/08/09 08:00PM

As we learned last week, Tim Gunn's conundrum is the textiles. He is not seduced by them. And I must say I agree: As a general rule, I am also unseduced by conundrum-causing textiles. How about you?

Live Blogging Top Chef, Week 7

MisterHippity · 10/07/09 08:00PM

Welcome back, commenters! Did you all spend your two-week break from Top Chef wisely? I spent much of mine pondering the value of the many cards which—befitting the Vegas theme—have been played so far this season.