I'm Not Going to Read the Comments on This Post

Tom Scocca · 08/11/16 02:30PM

In the composing window of Gawker Media’s publishing platform, there is a toolbar. At one end of the toolbar is a little icon of a gear. If you click that gear, it brings out a secondary toolbar offering the platform’s less frequently used features. Second from the right is a little blue virtual switch labeled “Allow Replies,” which is on by default. If you click it, it turns gray, and when the post is published, readers are unable to put comments on it.

Federal Prosecutor Puts Anonymous Commenters in First Amendment Peril

Michelle Dean · 04/01/14 03:21PM

A corruption case out of New Orleans has turned into a fight over an issue that might be of interest to certain users of this here website: Do commenters on a news website have an absolute right to anonymity? And it all traces back to a federal prosecutor with an out-of-control, borderline-rehab-requiring online commenting habit. Federal prosecutors: They're Just Like Us.

QUIZ: Which Commenter Are You?

Ken Layne · 02/19/14 05:30PM

Everybody who comments is a very specific kind of commenter, but which one are you? Take this weird quiz to find out.

Let's All Enjoy the Collapse of Gold Prices Together

Max Read · 04/15/13 08:09AM

YouTube commenters have many lessons to teach us. Lessons like: Trayvon Martin was a thug! White people are oppressed! The creator of this particular piece of content is a faggot! Infowars dot com! Invest in gold to avoid being suckered by the reptoid-controlled Fed and its fiat currency!

New York Post Commenters Have Some Interesting Racist Thoughts on This Tragic Subway Death

Hamilton Nolan · 12/04/12 12:40PM

Yesterday, Ki Suk Han was tragically struck and killed by a subway train in Midtown Manhattan after being thrown onto the tracks by an angry and perhaps mentally disturbed panhandler. We could spend all day debating the actions of the New York Post photographer whose horrifying photo of Han shortly before his death ran on the paper's front page today. What cannot be debated is this: the New York Post's online commenters are some of the world's most... interesting people.

Live Blogging Project Runway All Stars, Week 11

MisterHippity · 03/15/12 07:00PM

The Ides of March are upon us. Beware the boredom that comes from not doing something fun! Our boredom-killing, fun-inducing live blog of Project Runway All Stars' penultimate episode is about to begin down in the comments, just as the soothsayers of ancient Rome predicted it would. Join us!

Every Variety of Pathological Internet Commenter Appears on One Random Story

Hamilton Nolan · 03/14/12 01:07PM

Here is a story on the New York Post's website about a jury ruling that Americo Lopes, a New Jersey man who hit a $77 million lottery jackpot, must share his winnings with his coworkers, who were in a lottery pool with him. The details of this story are unimportant. It is fascinating because, like a petri dish freshly set with agar gel, it has attracted every variety of Awful Internet Commenter. Behold:

Live Blogging Project Runway All Stars, Week 10

MisterHippity · 03/08/12 08:00PM

Calling all would-be cyber-chroniclers of television history: An upcoming hour of reality TV needs to be live-blogged for pop-cultural posterity. Are you up to the challenge? Then join us!

Live Blogging the Top Chef Reunion Special

MisterHippity · 03/07/12 08:00PM

It's been a long season full of chefs who couldn't seem to stop bullying, bitching, bleeding, crying, saying smutty things, and even getting naked. And on tonight's reunion show, they'll get a chance to cry, bully, bitch, bleed, undress or talk dirty for us on last time—and we'll get one last chance to live-blog it all in the comments. Join us!

Live Blogging Project Runway All Stars, Week 9

MisterHippity · 03/01/12 08:00PM

Ciao, chatter-nistas! Ready to chat about the stuff that really matters in life? No? Excellent! Then I'm sure you'll want to chatter about matters that don't matter instead—like the matter-free happenings on the latest episode of Project Runway All Stars. We're live-blogging the show in the comments, so why not join us?

Live Blogging Top Chef: The Season Finale

MisterHippity · 02/29/12 09:00PM

Legend tells us that live-blogging on a Leap Day brings four years of good luck. And the fact that I just made that up doesn't make it any less possibly true. So join us as we live-blog tonight's Top Chef season finale, and you might just get lucky every day until 2016!

Live Blogging Project Runway All Stars, Week 8

MisterHippity · 02/23/12 08:00PM

It's time for another episode of Project Runway All Stars—also known as "Mondo's March to (Probable) Redemption." We're live-blogging all the action under this post, so why not join us and strut your commenting stuff?

Live Blogging Top Chef, Week 16

MisterHippity · 02/22/12 09:00PM

It's time for the penultimate episode of everyone's favorite show, "Top Chef Jumps the Shark in Canada By Way of Texas." And no matter how silly this season gets, it's always a blast to live-blog the show together—which we're about to do in the comments under this post. Join us!