Ann Curry Has No Clue What College She Is Addressing

Max Read · 05/24/10 08:54PM

Today show anchor Ann Curry spoke at Wheaton College's commencement on Saturday. But which Wheaton?! There are two—a Christian school in Illinois, and a nondenominational college in Norton, Massachusetts. Curry did not choose the right one.

Why Does Barack Obama Hate the iPad?

Max Read · 05/09/10 09:43PM

President Obama gave the commencement address at Hampton University on Sunday, encouraging the graduates of the historically-black school to close the achievement gap between African-American and Latino students and their white classmates. More importantly, he dissed the iPad.

Tim Gunn Has Three Words For America's Youth

cityfile · 05/18/09 01:06PM

It's commencement season, which means a long list of celebrities and TV personalities will be heading to college campuses over the next few weeks to impart their wisdom on the future of America. But sharing useful advice with graduating seniors currently in a state of panic over the the bleak job market isn't easy when you're a celebrity earning millions a year, a fact made clear when Oprah appeared at Duke last weekend and told the crowd how happy she is now that she owns a private jet. Fortunately, other TV personalities have more appropriate speeches in store.

Hillary Has a Fallback Plan For You

cityfile · 05/13/09 03:10PM

Hillary Clinton spoke to the graduating class of NYU at Yankee Stadium today. Unlike last year, no naked men ran onto the field and interrupted the commencement exercise. (It may have helped that two dozen cops lined the infield.) But if graduates were a little nervous about heading off into the worst job market in decades, the Secretary of State had just the recipe to put their fears to rest. "For those of you still looking for jobs, we are hiring a new generation (at the State Department)." In other words, if all else fails and you can't find a single for-profit enterprise in America willing to hire you to make photocopies, there's always work to be done preventing nuclear proliferation and making peace in the Middle East. [NYDN]