abalk · 06/25/07 12:34PM

Christopher Hitchens and his even crazier brother Peter are at odds. Which side to support? "Picking between a man who sticks to mineral water (Peter, oddly enough) and another whose initial drinks order was 'I'll have a triple Scotch on the rocks and a bottle of red wine chaser' is never going to be easy." [Independent]

White House Correspondents After-Party: What's The Hitch?

balk · 04/18/07 10:33AM

More excitement in the battle between Bloomberg and Vanity Fair to see who can host the more fabulous after party for this weekend's White House Correspondents' Association Dinner. Sure, Vanity Fair is offering Christopher Hitchens and all the alcohol he doesn't drink himself, but the Bloomberg bash will feature both pigs in a blanket and, possibly, our mayor-king himself! While the Bloomberg party is famously a snooze—and really, who wants to stand on the pavement smoking while the host gives you dirty looks from inside, a la Tina Brown's—consider this: "Bloomberg is proud to boast that its dozen toilets should better accommodate guests than the two bathrooms Hitchens' house reportedly has for its 100-plus guests." Plus, you know that Hitch is gonna be puking in one of them. Maybe the best choice is no choice at all.

Christopher Hitchens To Get Knee-Walking Drunk In Fancier Surroundings

balk · 04/10/07 10:05AM

Exciting times for women longing to have a comical British alcoholic puke down their cleavage while spilling Scotch on their shoes. Christopher Hitchens and his wife, Carol Blue, are bringing back what has historically been one of the most "exclusive" parties following the annual White House Correspondents' Association dinner: The Vanity Fair After-Party, the Washington Examiner reports. Hitch, whose favorite moment in life involved seeing Barbra Streisand on fire at a previous event, thinks the current go-to after-party, hosted by Bloomberg, "has become rather mediocre and tacky." (In fact, the Bloomberg party sucks.) And yet. A once much-loved institution that has declined precipitously in the last few years? You'd think he'd feel a little more sympathetic.

Christopher Hitchens: The God That Failed

balk · 04/04/07 11:18AM

THEY don't call him Christopher "Comical British Alcoholic" Hitchens for nothing. The warmonger, whose attempt to link his pro-conflict positions with the work of George Orwell offended the sensibilities of anyone who has ever read George Orwell, is at it again. "Hitch Is Not Great: How Everything In My Body Is Filled With Poison, Particularly My Liver" hits bookstores next month. The jeremiad, reports The Post's Kyle Smith, is a merciless attack on everything Hitchens holds dear—dryly called "absolutely fucking right" by its editor, Jonathan Karp, who is making it the second title in his new imprint, 12, because that's how many vodkas he drank before deciding to publish Hitchens.

Christopher Hitchens Will Determine Whether Or Not You're Being Oppressed, Thank You Very Much

abalk2 · 10/24/06 12:40PM

In a piece on Slate about "Tony Judt's persecution complex" (quick backfill: Judt, a professor at NYU, was recently prevented from giving a speech at the Polish Consulate, allegedly because of complaints from the Anti-Defamation League about his views on Israel), Christopher Hitchens accuses Judt of self-aggrandizement and compares the situation to another recent controversy: