Stephen Colbert Didn't Die In His Final Episode, He Became Immortal

Jay Hathaway · 12/19/14 12:55AM

Stephen Colbert is not dead, he's deathless. After 9 truthy years and 1,447 episodes, America's favorite fake conservative pundit—played by a truly smart writer, comedian and satirist—rode off into eternity on the wings of a song Thursday night, vowing to return when America needs him most.

Watch the Dick-Joke Filled First Trailer for Broad City Season Two

Andy Cush · 11/10/14 04:15PM

The finale of Broad City's debut season aired about half a year ago, but if you've spent the entire interim in bed, watching torrented copies of every episode on an endless loop (what a weird thing to do!), it feels like it's been much longer. Today, Comedy Central gave us a precious taste of season two.

Amy Schumer's Interview With a 106-Year-Old Woman Is Perfect

Rich Juzwiak · 05/07/14 07:43AM

In the "Amy Goes Deep" segment from last night's Inside Amy Schumer, Schumer deftly walks the line of vibing with and mocking 106-year-old Downing, who's being interviewed precisely because she is 106 (no other reason is needed). I love that Downing regularly lets Schumer's smart-assed questions fall flat, sometimes to the point of ignoring them. If that isn't shade, it sure reads like it. I love Downing's one-liners (on not using Twitter: "I don't know any of the new things"; on social changes she's seen women go through: "Well, everybody's wearing pants").

Stephen Colbert on Daft Punk Feud: “I Found the Whole Thing Joyful”

Rich Juzwiak · 08/13/13 02:20PM

Stephen Colbert has shed more light on last Tuesday's episode-long Colbert Report response to MTV barring Daft Punk from playing his show. On comedian Paul Mecurio's podcast, Colbert explained that there was trouble with booking Daft Punk from the start — they didn't want to perform "Get Lucky" or be interviewed (since part of the Daft Punk members Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter's schtick is that they are robots who do not speak). "I’m beginning to see why they don’t do TV," Colbert recalled thinking weeks ago, during the negotiations for the proposed appearance.

Tom Arnold's Tenderness, Ellen Barkin's Valium, Gilbert Gottfried's Tsunami Revisiting: The Adorable Messes of Roseanne's Roast

Rich Juzwiak · 08/13/12 12:50PM

Above is a highlight reel of last night's Roast of Roseanne on Comedy Central. Its messiness was an aesthetic choice — many members of the panel, whose star power was repeatedly called out for being underwhelming, aired out their dirty laundry. Carrie Fisher talked about her addiction and its affect on her memory, but best of all was when she read Jeff Ross with drag queen's precision. Ellen Barkin talked about popping Valium and drinking several cocktails before taking the stage — good thing, because I wanted to get to the bottom of why she could barely open her eyes all night before that. Gilbert Gottfried joked about his tsunami joke that went awry and got him fired as the Aflac duck's voice last year. He wants his job back, of course.

South Park Will Never Die

Brian Moylan · 11/16/11 04:52PM

The creators of aging animated relic Beavis and Butthead Family Guy The Simpsons South Park just signed a deal to keep it ripping jokes from the headlines for five more years. Yes, Comedy Central will have Cartman and Co. until 2016. I should make a joke about killing Kenny or something, but I just don't care to.

Kanye West's Failed Pilot Had Kim Kardashian Star Wars Roleplay Fantasy

Matt Cherette · 09/14/11 08:17PM

In 2008, Kanye West loved Comedy Central's Crank Yankers so much that it inspired him to film the pilot for a hip-hop puppet variety show called Alligator Boots, but the episode never made it to air. After watching this recently discovered behind-the-scenes footage—which includes Stormtrooper Kanye acting on his Star Wars role playing fantasy with Kim Kardashian as Princess Leia and a puppet named Beary White—you'll wish it had. [via NYM]

Game of Thrones Forever

Richard Lawson · 06/21/11 04:51PM

HBO's sword 'n' snow epic finished its first season in mighty fine form. Also today: Lots of casting news, from people as diverse as Griffin Dunne and Penn Badgley. Plus: Who will replace Elliot Stabler?

Celebrity Wife Swap Is the Latest Nadir of American Television

Richard Lawson · 05/04/11 04:30PM

It's been said of many a reality television show before, but might Celebrity Wife Swap finally destroy us? Also today: Snow White finds her prince, Project Runway brings back some old friends, and, what's this, NBC might actually have a popular show??