I Need Laughs: A Week in the Life of an NYC Comedian

Rebecca O'Neal · 10/06/10 10:15AM

Last February, Matt Ruby filmed I Need Laughs, documenting a typical week for him as an underground comic. Through performances at booked shows and open mics, Ruby allows viewers a glimpse into a world to which outsiders are rarely exposed.

Why Haven't All the Good Comedians Gone into Video Games?

Chris Dignes · 09/02/10 10:00AM

Recently, I was hoodwinked into making two trips across Texas in the space of a month, and over the course of the 14 hours I spent in my car, I soaked up every Ricky Gervais Show podcast I could download.

Comment of the Day: Let's Hear It for the One-Liners

Brian Moylan · 07/30/10 05:36PM

Sometimes to really stand out, you need to leave a long, juicy comment. Sometimes all you really need is a sentence to get a good joke in. Today we us celebrate the soul of wit found in brevity.

Hey, Canada: Ann Coulter Is a Joke

Adrian Chen · 03/25/10 07:26PM

Ann Coulter has made a bit of news lately for barely escaping death at the hands of hundreds of angry Canadian students, of all things. Tonight she actually offered them some good advice: Don't take her seriously.

The Most Hated Comedians of All Time

Mike Byhoff · 01/18/10 01:48PM

Jay Leno has become the most hated comedian in America. But he's not the only one! These comedians are also hated because they're unoriginal, obnoxious, and out of touch. But one theme ties them all together: they're not funny.

Comedian Will Teach Obama to Be All, 'Don't Do Coke'

Hamilton Nolan · 10/23/09 10:12AM

Edgy comedian David Cross: Just how edgy is he? Edgy as a knife (double-edged). Sniffing coke while sitting near the President of the USA. That's what David Cross did, says David Cross.