Who Will Win the Upcoming Civil War?

Hamilton Nolan · 07/15/16 01:15PM

With racial tensions, inequality, and populist rage set to boil over, some fear America could be on the path to a violent confrontation between the angry Trumpies and the equally angry lefties. Before we decide to start this war, we must ask: who would win?

Defense Department Finally Lifts Ban on Women in Combat

Max Read · 01/23/13 03:41PM

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta is lifting the ban on women serving in combat roles, following the recommendation of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and overturning the 1994 regulation that prevented women from serving in combat units. Our endless war machine is almost officially gender-neutral!

Delaware's Last Honest Toddler Fight Club Was Shut Down Yesterday

Caity Weaver · 08/21/12 12:25PM

Since toddlers were first domesticated thousands of years ago, they have been prized for their sweet faces and their deadly skill in hand-to-hand combat. Now three daycare workers in Delaware have been arrested for giving toddlers a theater in which to hone their innate violent tendencies. Secret Toddler Fight Club is no more.

New and Improved Rules for Drone Warfare

Hamilton Nolan · 04/26/12 02:45PM

Good news for people who love freedom, hate terrorism, and people who do not live in Yemen and will never visit Yemen and do not appear to be from Yemen or its surrounding areas: the U.S. government is relaxing its rules for drone strikes in Yemen. When it comes to incinerating more or less inscrutable targets with unseen missile attacks like Zeus himself, why be encumbered by a bunch of bureaucratic rules?