Help a Dog Find Its Jam

Max Read · 05/07/14 10:14AM

A dog, Gawker's chief dog correspondent, writes today about the soothing sounds of music. "My jam," a dog writes, "is the one where they snap the fingers, and the man is singing 'Shoo boop, de booop shoooooooooo, ahhhhhhh, wop wop wop.' Do you know that one?" Well? Do you?

A Dog Reviews Capital in the Twenty-First Century

Max Read · 04/30/14 02:53PM

Still confused why a doorstop economics text is the most talked-about book in the U.S.? A dog, Gawker's foremost columnist, returns this week with an in-depth review of French economist Thomas Piketty's sensational, revolutionary, much-discussed Capital in the Twenty-First Century. A dog maintains a Kinja blog at

"Hey": A New Column from a Dog

Max Read · 03/25/14 03:41PM

We're extremely pleased to announce the hiring of a new Gawker columnist, a dog, who will maintain a blog at Please enjoy a dog's first column, "Hey."

Brooks Drops the Bass, Loses the Thread, in 'D.C. Dubstep' Column

Max Read · 02/22/13 08:20AM

What's the worst thing about chief New York Times pop sociologist David Brooks' new column, which is titled "The D.C. Dubstep" in a vague approximation of cleverness? Is it the insipid central metaphor, by which Brooks has each party doing "dance moves" in advance of the coming sequester and its accompanying deep budget cuts? Is it the names of those dance moves, names so embarrassing my hands are actively attempting to prevent me from typing them out? (For the record: the Democrats are doing the "P.C. Shimmy"—P.C. as in "permanent campaign"—the Republicans, the "Suicide Stage Dive.") Is it his misguided, near-religious belief that Both Parties Are At Fault? Or is it this sentence: "The president hasn't actually come up with a proposal to avert sequestration, let alone one that is politically plausible." David. He has. It's right here. It's a banger, I promise. [NYT]

Donald Trump Was Never Really Interested in Birtherism Anyway

Jim Newell · 04/21/11 11:26AM

What were we all thinking these past few completely hilarious weeks as we watched NBC television character Donald Trump become America's most prominent and vigorous birther? It seemed like he was driving the issue with maximum enthusiasm, as though it was the only issue that mattered to him and should matter to anyone, and that he wouldn't rest until the mystery of Obama's birth was settled. Yet it turns out that he never really wanted to talk about this stuff — it was the idiots in the media who kept asking him about it. He wants to talk about China!