Infant Abandoned on Columbus Circle Subway Platform

Aleksander Chan · 07/07/14 05:47PM

A seven-month-old girl was apparently abandoned Monday on a subway platform at Columbus Circle. Witnesses claim seeing a woman walk the child in its stroller off a northbound 1 train, leave the stroller and the child on the platform, and then turn around and get back on the train.

Pete Seeger Joins Occupy Wall Street With 'This Little Light'

Max Read · 10/22/11 09:39AM

Here's 92-year-old American treasure Pete Seeger, accompanied by Arlo Guthrie, Tom Chapin and David Amram, as well as grandson Tao Rodriguez-Seeger, singing "This Little Light" at Columbus Circle at around midnight last night. Seeger and the other musicians had a performance at Symphony Space on the Upper West Side on Friday evening; afterward, the group joined a crowd of about 1,000 for a march 30 blocks south (singing the entire way) to Columbus Circle, where they set up a small performance. (In the video, Seeger, wearing a red hat, is sitting just to the right of Amram, who's playing a... whistle? Pipe? Flute?)

abalk · 09/05/07 02:50PM

From the mailbag: "I work in Columbus Circle and just now there were just what appeared to be a bunch of open-deck tour buses full of people synchronized-screaming going around and around the circle. It was extremely loud and scary! They were just going 'AHHHHHHHHHH!' Everyone in the office agrees that this is what the Apocalypse is going to sound like." If you can elucidate any further, please do, but at this point nothing about this fucking city surprises us anymore.