Atoosa Rubenstein, the Orchid of 'Seventeen'

Jessica · 04/21/06 10:35AM

A spy reports to us that Seventeen editor Atoosa Rubenstein spoke at Columbia j-school last night as part of their Delacorte lecture series, which is hosted by Victor Navasky. Navasky referred to Rubenstein as "Toos" and started things off by asking, "Does Seventeen accept 73-year-old male interns?"

But Do Columbia J-Schoolers Do Windows?

Jesse · 01/30/06 04:26PM

Sometimes, we get a little ashamed of ourselves that we have only a bachelor's degree. Sometimes, we find ourselves wishing just a little bit that we had an Ivy League degree. Sometimes, we think it'd be nice to have a real job at a real media organization, from which we got employer-paid health and dental, and sick days, and maybe even a Town Car home every now and then. And sometimes we think we probably could have accomplished all these things if we'd just gone to Columbia Journalism School.

Media Bubble: The 'Post' Can't Handle the Truth?

Jesse · 01/20/06 01:30PM

WP shuts off comments on a blog, because snooty MSM can't handle real reader's opinions. Or something like that; we haven't yet read the how-bloggers-should-be-dismissive memo. [NYT]
• TV news stars go to NPR to do reporting, get tote bags. [WSJ]
• This week fickle Jon Friedman crushes on Salon's Rebecca Traister. Because nothing's hotter than a chick who writes about chicks. [MW]
• MSLO had a good year, and only very partially because the boss got out of jail. [Folio:]
• Bonnie Fuller to speak to Columbia j-school; j-schoolers to throw themselves into Broadway traffic upon realizing they spent all that money to train for this? [WWD]

Breaking News: J-Student Breaks News

Jesse · 08/25/05 09:23AM

We're typically like Uncle Leo, ready and even eager to find anti-Semitism anywhere. But, still, we just can't get ourselves worked up about a scoop in this morning's Post, that Bronx Democratic chief Jose Rivera charged that Assembly speaker Shelly Silver made a deal with Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz because "blood [was] taking care of blood." See, Rivera meant that as a compliment. "I learn from 'em," Rivera also said. "God bless 'em, you know what I mean. What's good for them is good for me and my people."