Joshua Stein · 11/05/07 03:11PM

Amid all this Linda Stein murder hullabaloo (no one in custody yet!), the Post's Dan Mangan thought it would be a good idea to stir up some other high-powered real-estate sex-and-death contretemps. He's right. it is! So he called up the very hetero-normative Kent Swig, the Brown Harris Stevens co-chairman who was present at the mysterious death of his "trainer" Kenneth Casoria nearly three years ago. The death itself wasn't so mysterious. Casoria had "consumed alcohol, smoked marijuana, taken ecstasy, cocaine and half a Viagra while at the party." The real question is why Swig had flown out to San Francisco to meet up with Casoria at said party. Three years later, he's still not incriminating himself. Nice try Mangan—you can always call again when Barbara Corcoran is found lifeless in the study with a candelabra. [NYP]