Teen Girl Mistakenly Deported, Now Trapped in Foreign Prison and Pregnant

Maureen O'Connor · 01/04/12 05:43PM

"Distraught over the loss of her grandfather and her parents' divorce," 14-year-old Jakadrien Turner ran away from home, WFAA Dallas reports. Arrested for shoplifting in Houston, she used a fake name that actually belonged to a 22-year-old undocumented immigrant wanted for arrest. What follows is a nightmarish series of mistaken identities and institutional failures, culminating in a teen girl trapped alone and pregnant in a third-world prison.

'Mischievous Magician' Arrested for Hypnotizing 75 Schoolchildren

Maureen O'Connor · 09/01/11 05:15PM

A "mischievous magician" and his two assistants are reportedly in police custody in southwestern Colombia after a "mass hypnosis" session that led to the hospitalization of 75 schoolchildren, according to a regional radio station. Parents of the afflicted students of the Institución Educativa Ciudad Mocoa have asked authorities to allow the magician to visit the hospital, so he can release the children from the trance.

Drug Smuggling Pigeon Arrested Outside Colombian Prison

Jeff Neumann · 01/19/11 06:37AM

Police in Colombia have arrested a pigeon that was struggling to fly over the walls of Bucaramanga prison with 1.6 ounces of weed strapped to its back. A police commander called it "a new case of criminal ingenuity."

Colombian Army Ambushes Guerillas With Stealth Christmas Tree

Adrian Chen · 12/18/10 05:19PM

Colombian special forces infiltrated territory occupied by FARC rebels and installed Christmas lights on an 82-foot high tree. They hope that this will encourage them to surrender. Except the Jewish FARC rebels, I guess?

Flooded Engine

Max Read · 12/01/10 12:36AM

[Cars in a flooded parking lot in Palmira, Colombia, where La Niña has caused an exceptionally wet rainy season, bringing with it floods, landslides, and 130 deaths. Photo via AP.]

Eating & Drinking: Wednesday Edition

cityfile · 09/23/09 03:50PM

• The week in reviews: Pete Wells of the Times shows little love for Hotel Griffou this week, leaving the Village hotspot starless; TONY's Jay Cheshes has nice things to say about Michael Psilakis' Gus & Gabriel; NY's Patronite & Raisfeld weigh in on Brooklyn's Fort Defiance; RG visits Yerba Buena Perry; and Gael Greene shares thoughts on Jeffrey Chodorow's latest, Ed's Chowder House.
• More photos/details about the new MePa venue Abe & Arthur's. [TFB, Eater]
• Are those calorie counts that are now posted for all to see (sigh) actually making a difference? Unclear, but the city is now conducting "research." [NYT]
• Incoming Tavern on the Green operator Dean Poll says it will take up to four years (and lots of cash, of course) to finish renovations on the space. [NYP]
• Nevermind the endless delays and appalling lack of legroom, some airlines are now offering passengers their very own signature cocktails. Yay! [VV]
• Do you know a "foodiot"? Probably, although you may be one, too. [NYO]
• If Mike Bloomberg asks you to bring over dinner, you can't go wrong with the half chicken with herbs at Quatorze Bis or the Sichuan shrimp from Shun Lee Palace. Whatever you do, do not pick up anything from Blue Smoke. [NYT]

Your 2008 Cocaine Report

Hamilton Nolan · 06/19/09 02:17PM

Cocaine production in Colombia was down 28% last year. Production was up in Peru and Bolivia—but only 430 metric tons of that classic Colombian powder. Probable culprit: all those canceled Wall Street Christmas parties.