Dude Just Reads College Sex Columns All Day

Hamilton Nolan · 08/03/10 09:43AM

Daniel Reimold is a journalism professor who's spent the last several years talkin' sex talk to sex-talkin' young coeds who write sex columns in college newspapers. Daniel hates how sex column coverage is "an inch deep," that's what she said.

Do Not Try to Befriend Cops While Drunk

Hamilton Nolan · 04/22/10 09:19AM

We bring you the following story as a public service—for journalists, college students, and everyone else. Take the experience of Tim Chapman, former editor of James Madison University's student newspaper, as a lesson: Cops are not your drinking buddies.

College Newspaper Gay Republican Date Rape Controversy!

Hamilton Nolan · 04/01/10 10:00AM

It would scarcely be an exaggeration to say that nothing is more pleasing to us than a clumsily-handled college newspaper date rape column controversy. It has everything: Idiot college misogyny! Strident college anti-misogyny! Overly-serious college journalists! And (theoretical) sexxx!

College Paper Uproar: Masturbation Masturbation Masturbation

Hamilton Nolan · 10/06/09 02:37PM

The editor of Towson University's college newspaper has resigned amid scandal. Sexy scandal! The Towson University community was just not ready for sexy mutual masturbation talk. What? It's natural and human. Masturbation 69 orgasm dildo masturbation masturbation. What? Be mature.

Vibe Editor Gets Marginally Fancier Job

Hamilton Nolan · 09/09/09 12:04PM

In your world-beating Wednesday media column: Vibe's former editor moves up(?) in the world, people amazingly still want to buy the Sun-Times and BusinessWeek, the college newspaper marches on towards death, and media elites marry.