University Suspends Journalism Student For Asking Questions For A Class Assignment

Barry Petchesky · 11/10/12 12:05PM

Alex Myers is an Australian exchange student currently studying journalism at SUNY Oswego, part of New York's state university system. Last month he was given a class assignment to produce a profile on a public figure. He chose Oswego men's hockey coach Ed Gosek and began in the standard manner: he reached out to Gosek's colleagues in the sport.

Harvard Crimson Editors Have Bigger Balls Than Your Media Boss

Cord Jefferson · 09/04/12 01:42PM

The privileged young people of Harvard College are not often recognized for their integrity and backbone. They made a whole movie about how Zuckerberg stole Facebook from the terrible Winklevoss twins, for instance. And just last week more than 100 Harvard students came under fire for a cheating scandal that reportedly found them plagiarizing and colluding with one another on the take-home final exam. But today, two editors at the Harvard Crimson are returning some credibility to the ivy-est of Ivy League schools.

Texas College Cartoonist: I Was Fighting Media Bias With 'Colored Boy' Cartoon

Hamilton Nolan · 03/28/12 11:40AM

Yesterday, University of Texas- Austin student newspaper The Daily Texan won our coveted "Most Racist Trayvon Martin Cartoon" contest for Stephanie Eisner's "WHITE man" vs. "COLORED BOY" media critique pictured above. The paper briefly pulled the cartoon offline when the controversy struck, but put it back up last night, along with an editor's note. Today: the fallout.

Dirty Tricks at The Wall Street Journal in Europe

Hamilton Nolan · 10/12/11 01:26PM

In your bleary Wednesday media column: the WSJ's European publisher is forced to resign, paywalls come to college papers, Jennifer Granholm gets a TV show, a money back guarantee for advertisers and "Brother" Bill O'Reilly.

'Harvardian's Guide to the Real World' Is Exactly What You Think It Will Be

Maureen O'Connor · 04/27/11 04:21PM

Ah, springtime in Cambridge! The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the Harvard seniors are wetting their beds on a nightly basis at the prospect of entering "the real world." (As opposed to the elaborate hologram that is life on campus. You thought you lost your virginity in college? Guess again! That wasn't reality, it was a lucid dream.)

Shocking Photo Alerts College Students to the Existence of Oral Sex

Hamilton Nolan · 03/29/11 12:47PM

In your saddening Tuesday media column: college newspaper sex scandal of the day, cable news borrows liberally from a blogger, Computer Weekly folds in print, unpaid HuffPo writers prepare to speak, and a Reuters journalist is killed in Iraq.

The College Journalist's Dilemma: Hated by the Cool Kids

Hamilton Nolan · 03/03/11 10:34AM

When you're a kid, spreading the details of the misdeeds of others far and wide gets you branded a snitch and ruins your social life. But when you grow up, doing the same thing gets you branded a "journalist," and gets you invited to boring parties! So you can see the dilemma faced by the "college journalist:" old enough to be a reporter, young enough to still be hated by everyone, for snitching.

In Praise of College Newspaper Scandals

Hamilton Nolan · 10/05/10 10:53AM

College newspapers are not totally worthless. They are where young journalists go to learn. About scandal! Angry readers! Outraged parents! Repentant editors! Scared-shitless administrators! And all over some kids who are just making it up as they go! It's great.