Protesting College Student Pays Tuition In Dollar Bills

Adrian Chen · 01/16/11 05:15PM

University of Colorado sophomore Nic Ramos paid off his entire $14,309.51 tuition with a 33-pound duffel bag of cash—dollar bills and change. He did this to show how expensive college is, or something.

Columbia Frat Boys Dealt Drugs to Pay Tuition

Adrian Chen · 12/08/10 08:11PM

Those Columbia frat boys arrested for allegedly running a massive campus drug ring have hit on a brilliant defense: They had to deal LSD and coke to pay their tuition. It was all for the love of learning!

Stanford "Student" Outed As Imposter

Doree Shafrir · 05/25/07 10:57AM

We typically don't venture much farther afield in our college coverage than the pretty fields of Cambridge or the Burger Kings of New Haven, but this report, from the Harvard of Palo Alto, was simply too good to pass up. Seems that one Azia Kim lived in a Stanford dorm for eight months because she was pretending to go to school there, resorting to sneaking into her room through the window because she didn't have a Stanford ID. Her roommate—whom she had basically tricked into letting her stay there—didn't notice because she was usually staying with her boyfriend.