Hoarder Found Dead In Home After Four Month Search

Jeff Neumann · 08/28/10 10:25AM

A Las Vegas woman who went missing in April, Billie Jean James, was found dead in her home this week by her husband, who spotted her feet sticking out from a pile of junk. Welcome to Extreme Hoarders: Death Trap.

Paint Your Lips in Shades of 'Lady Obama'

Sheila · 12/10/08 11:43AM

Remember all those pathetic attempts to cash in on our new president, from "commemorative editions plates" to a Barack Obama fragrance? Well, at least the latest one isn't cologne: in a desperate plea for PR (hey, it worked!) cosmetics company Khuraira named a lipstick after the incoming First Lady, reports Nylon. It's called "Lady Obama Special Edition" and is "a shimmery bronze that works with many skin tones and even more outfits." Click for even more product info.

Have You Purchased Your Barack Obama Plate?

Hamilton Nolan · 11/17/08 05:16PM

First African-American President Elect Barack Obama's confident smile and kind eyes are an inspiration to us all, so why not commemorate his historic achievement on a "priceless work of art," in the form of a collectible plate? Not just any plate; a fine porcelain Historic Victory Plate featuring our dear leader surrounded by American flags and fireworks, inscribed in 22k gold trim. Only two per customer please; demand is high. This awesome infomercial includes a happy white family gathered about their Obama plate sighing, "I never thought this day would come." It's really very American. Click to watch. And another thing that should not exist:

Official Oscar Poster Tries To Distract Public From Looming Awards Show Disaster With Bright Lights, Shiny Object

mark · 01/16/08 04:26PM

Still going through their Road to the Oscars motions even though they certainly suspect the gilded path will terminate in a wall of red-tuxedoed WGA picketers, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has released the official poster for its 80th annual awards ceremony—one which, we suspect, might provide a clue as to producer Gil Cates' plans for an emergency "alternative" telecast.

Kiefer Sutherland Demonstrates Support For Writers' Strike By Refusing To Sign Autographs

seth · 10/31/07 12:35PM

It wasn't just Kiefer Sutherland's merry, drunken joyride through life that came crashing to a halt when he was stopped for a parole-violating DUI last month—so too did the party end for the ranks of professional John Hancock-procurers depending on Kiefer's autograph to put food on the table for their little ones. Sutherland now refuses to sign for them, Page Six reports, since damning shots of the slosh-faced actor taken the night of his arrest made their way onto the internets: