1-800-COLLECT Ad Causes Wistful Reminiscence

Hamilton Nolan · 03/06/08 01:01PM

Ah, the 90s—when times were simple, and phones had cords. Two trends we look back on fondly: the brief popularity of collect calling plans like 1-800-COLLECT (when was the last time you made a collect call, while not in a foreign country or incarcerated?) and the innocent sight of celebrities (who would one day sit astride the earth as legends) doing the schlubby crap that defines the workaday life of a not-famous-enough-yet star. So this 1-800-COLLECT ad featuring dead SNL Smirk King Phil Hartman embodies all the purity of that bygone age. And hey, look at who else is in this stupid ad! I guess work is work, until that big break in Nurse Betty comes along. Video [via Best Week Ever] below.