A Drunken Stephanie Pratt Feels the Credit Crunch

Andrew Belonsky · 09/15/09 04:20AM

Stephanie Pratt's wallet could use a little help. Elton John's too old for kids. And Colin Farrell knocked up his girl. That and much, much more in your Tuesday morning gossip roundup!

Mischa Barton Restrained, Kanye West Unleashed

cityfile · 09/14/09 06:04AM

• Poor Mischa Barton hasn't been having much fun since she arrived in NYC a few weeks ago. She says she's been "ordered to stay away from booze, boys and bad behavior following her brief hospitalization this summer." She's been allowed one vice, though: "All I can do is smoke cigarettes," she says. [P6]
• Chace Crawford and Bar Refaeli were spotted getting cozy on Friday night at 1Oak. [NYDN]
• Ashley Dupre has a new single out. She also tells the Post in an "exclusive interview and fashion shoot" that she wants to get married, have "at least two children," and be happy forever after. [NYP]
• As you've undoubtedly seen/heard by now, Kanye West stormed the stage at the MTV Video Music Awards to interrupt Taylor Swift as she was accepting her award for Best Female Video. [NYDN, People, NYP]

The All-New Kate Moss, Oprah's New BFF

cityfile · 08/19/09 06:07AM

• Kate Moss took notice of those photos of her in St. Tropez last month looking a little worse for the wear. She's supposedly changing up her lifestyle in an effort to "look 10 years younger," and she'll be eating healthier food, drinking less alcohol, and smoking fewer cigarettes from now on. [DM]
Vogue editrix Anna Wintour was "advised" to leave her trademark sunglasses at home when she turns up as a guest on Dave Letterman's show next week. It was advice she didn't much appreciate, however. [P6]
Gayle King demoted? Oprah says Jay-Z is her "new best friend." [People]
Mariah Carey's new album hasn't been beset with problems. The decision to push back the release date, so it's one day too late to qualify for the Grammys? That's because she's fighting back against the system, don't you see? [NYDN]

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 05/29/09 07:08AM

Shoshanna Gruss—socialite, designer, ex-girlfriend of Jerry, and wife of Josh—turns 34 today. Former investment banker and U.S. Ambassador to France, Felix Rohatyn, is 81. Time Inc. chief Ann Moore is turning 59. Former News Corp. exec Peter Chernin is 57. Interior designer/Target fave Thomas O'Brien is turning 48. Actress Annette Bening is 51. Melanie Brown ("Scary Spice") is turning 34. Noel Gallagher of Oasis is turning 42. Fellow Brit Rupert Everett is 50. Brazilian model Ana Beatriz Barros turns 27. Lisa Whelchel of Facts of Life fame is 46. And La Toya Jackson is celebrating her 53rd birthday today. Weekend birthdays below.

Bethenny Gets Bossed Around, The Noels Escape South

cityfile · 02/17/09 06:38AM

• It isn't easy being a disposable reality TV star. At the Jill Stuart show on Monday, a publicist barked "Show your fucking ring!" to Bethenny Frankel as The Real Housewives of New York star was getting her photo taken. She's probably used to the abuse, though. Frankel later told a reporter that she used to babysit Paris and Nicky Hilton when they were kids. [AMNY, NYO]
• Lindsay Lohan says her dramatic weight loss is simply the result on "working a lot." Of course it is. [Us]
• Monogamy is so old-fashioned: Alex Rodriguez spent Valentine's Day weekend romancing five different women, while Calvin Klein was spotted in Miami with "two model-type guys." [P6]
• Walter and Monica Noel are laying low at their home in Mustique, although they skipped the private jet and flew commercial to get there. [P6]

'Hey! Aren’t you Johnny Depp?'

Douglas Reinhardt · 10/16/08 12:06PM

Click to At the premiere for Pride & Glory, star Lake Bell was momentarily star struck when she thought she saw mega movie star Johnny Depp. Bell cautiously approached the quirky Depp only discover it was her Pride & Glory co-star Colin Farrell. Bell tried to play it cool and explained that her co-star looked Johnny Depp from way far away. Farrell explained that she wasn’t the first person to get the two mixed up. Farrell added, “These things happen when you steal some body’s else mystique.” [Photo Credit: Splash Pics] *A Call To The Bullpen is a work of fiction. Although the pictures we use are most certainly real, Defamer does not purport that any of the incidents or quotations you see in this piece actually happened. Lighten up, people ... it's a joke.

Colin Farrell Finally Comes Clean About His Sex Tape: 'I Think I Was High'

Kyle Buchanan · 10/14/08 05:55PM

Now that a rehabbed Colin Farrell is sober and on the mend (and has put on some pounds since his "homeless dude outside Trader Joe's" days), it's time for him to pull a Britney and wonder aloud, "What the hell was I thinking?" Naturally, any investigation of his substance-aided antics would inevitably turn to the sex tape he made with Playmate Nicole Narain, and during a recent BBC appearance, Farrell attempted to explain away the indiscretion the best way he knew how.What made the actor shout "I FUCKING LIVE ON PORN!" and "Aw, the battery's is my fucking cock" while copulating in a depressing Valley one-bedroom? The answer, it may not surprise you to hear, was that he was totally high and turned on by the taboo of the camera. Still, Farrell claims that he has learned one valuable lesson: it's fine to make a sex tape, just don't leave it behind when you straggle out to the Albertson's on Ventura at 5am for a Hot Pocket and some lube.

Colin Farrell: Hero of the Homeless

ian spiegelman · 08/31/08 10:27AM

Last September a homeless alcoholic who goes by the name of Stress was walking past Toronto's InterContinental Hotel after having spent the night on the steps of a church when out popped overly good-looking Irishman Colin Farrell, who was in town to promote In Bruges at the city's annual Film Festival. Next thing Stress knew, he was tooling around town in the back of the actor's limo while Farrell treated him to a $3000 shopping spree and an anti-addiction pep talk.

Paris Hilton's Implant News Plant

Ryan Tate · 08/19/08 05:45AM
  • Paris Hilton either added implants to "her A-cup" breasts or wants to spread gossip that she did so she can sell her stupid "push-up" bra. (Yes, you can click the thumb if you need a closer look. Yes, you will feel dirty. But don't you kinda feel that way already?) [P6]

Barr Bashes Brangelina

cityfile · 08/19/08 05:42AM
  • Roseanne Barr is outraged that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt haven't endorsed Barack Obama, so she's taken them to task on her blog for being evil and vacuous, and for "trying to look as if they give a crap about humanity." [P6, RoseanneWorld]

Why Has Colin Farrell Been Keeping His Newly Unmasked Girlfriend Top Secret?

Molly Friedman · 07/01/08 02:20PM

Newly homeless thin Colin Farrell has reportedly been keeping his new girlfriend hidden from the press for six whole months, and now that she’s been outed by the British tabs, we understand why. No, not because she lacks “stereotypical movie star” looks as the Daily Mail readily informs us, nor because she can’t remember to rip those silly plastic party bracelets off after downing free booze. It seems his “true love” is a little bit famous herself, in a Bridget Jones sort of way. Author Emma Forrest is the author of two novels, which in itself is not exactly shameful, but the titles (Namedropper and Cherries In The Snow: A Novel Of Love, Lust, Loss And Lipstick), along with her history of wearing “DITCH HIM!” message tees and telling reporters that interviewing Brad Pitt was the “best thing” she’s ever done, are! More on the girl responsible for greying Colin’s hair and sobering him up, after the jump.

The Smokey Bunch: Young Hollywood Just Can't Quit Cigs

Molly Friedman · 06/25/08 03:15PM

Loose-lipped Jack Black has recently decided to abandon his pre-married man habits like staying up too late with “beer” and “dudes,” but by far the most impressive habit Black claims to have kicked is smoking. Though we don't really immediately picture a carton of cigarettes when thinking of the Brangelina baby blabber, there are more than a few stars who we see smoking so often we automatically reach for a cancer stick whenever we see them on-screen. So who are the smokiest chimneys in Hollywood these days? We put together a list of the newbies and their predecessors, all of whom we feel should be notified that Joshua Kelley, no matter what Heigl has told them, is not, in fact, an ashtray:

Pop Quiz: Is This Colin Farrell, or the Hot Homeless Dude Outside Trader Joe's?

Kyle Buchanan · 06/24/08 01:00PM

There are certain ways to tell that you've spent too much time in hipster-ridden Silver Lake: like, say, when the audience gasps at Emile Hirsch's dramatic weight loss at the end of Into the Wild, and all you can think is, "Hot. He'd fit right in at Spaceland." Through this admittedly skewed lens, a Silver Laker might look upon these new photos of a slimmed-down, tatted-up Colin Farrell with a steady chant of, "One of us. One of us." But what do our friends across the pond think? The Daily Mail, unsurprisingly, approves:

Anne Hathaway Moves On

cityfile · 06/18/08 06:04AM
  • Anne Hathaway dumped her scandal-plagued boyfriend Raffaello Follieri for all the obvious reasons: his legal troubles, the potential damage to her image, etc. Plus her parents despised him and her dad hired a PI to follow them around. [NY Post]

Colin Farrell Becomes Latest Member Of 'How To Gain Acting Cred By Losing Weight' Club

Molly Friedman · 05/14/08 02:25PM

In the latest attempt by a Hollywood superstar to Oscar grub by radically transforming their physical appearance, former hard-body Colin Farrell is rapidly downsizing for his upcoming part as a war photographer in Triage. And while Farrell could use some credibility in the acting department following his recent string of flops, hacking off all these pounds doesn't look like the healthiest way to do it. But admittedly, dieting your way towards industry approval has been a Hollywood go-to trick for quite a while. We took a look back at some of his peers' most drastic weight losses, and as scary as the morphing process made them look, each part did bolster their respective careers dramatically:

'Sick, Sad' Colin Farrell Becomes the Great White Hope For War-Film Rebound

STV · 04/07/08 02:40PM

The only war with a box office record worse than the Iraq conflict is the one that decimated the Balkans in the '90s; the recent Richard Gere/Terrence Howard satire The Hunting Party flailed briefly in theaters on its way to DVD, with only the Owen Wilson/Gene Hackman actioner Behind Enemy Lines barely breaking even back in 2001. Colin Farrell, no bankable factor himself, is reportedly the next Hollywood name to take on the genre — and in case you had any doubt, he takes his role in the upcoming drama Triage very, very seriously: