Chicago Will Feel Like -45 Tonight. Here's How To Prepare Yourself.

Sylvie Krekow · 01/27/14 11:38PM

NBC Chicago reports that it might feel like -45 degrees tonight in the Chicago area, which is really, obscenely cold. Although a certain member of the Gawker staff thinks factors like “wind chill” are beefed-up “fraudulent numbers” designed to make you either a) stay inside forever or b) feel like a big ol’ badass for stepping outside for 5 minutes, I beg of you, Chicago-area people, do not go outside tonight.

The Roommate Kills All of Its Competitors

Richard Lawson · 02/07/11 12:11PM

A slow weekend saw the ladies rushing out to the cineplexes to have their fun before football madness descended upon the land and all was boy until Monday.

What's Opening in Theaters Today

Richard Lawson · 02/04/11 06:55PM

Friday means movie releases! So if you feel like braving the elements to check one out, here are your options. There's a mumblecore mystery, a drama about Natalie Portman being sad, a spelunking adventure, and sexy roommate thrills.