Colbert Report Gets a New Name and a New Sponsor for Final Episodes

Jay Hathaway · 12/17/14 11:10AM

With the Colbert Report coming to an end, Stephen Colbert can do whatever the hell he wants, including selling the naming rights to the show to his new beverage sponsor, Dewar's Scotch. If you liked the Colbert Report, you'll love the ColbDewar's Repewars. Especially the new open, which Colbert cannot stop laughing at.

Stephen Colbert Booked Obama to Kick Off Penultimate Week of Report

Jay Hathaway · 12/05/14 03:25PM

Stephen Colbert has some bad news about the second-to-last week of The Colbert Report: He was unable to book legendary Seattle rockers The Presidents of the United States of America to play their classic '90s jam, "Peaches." Consolation prize, though: He landed actual president Barack Obama.

James Franco Couldn't Trick Stephen Colbert Into Breaking Character

Jay Hathaway · 07/31/14 11:05AM

Actor/Ph.D candidate James Franco was on the Colbert Report last night to promote his movie opening this week, Child of God, and generally just act like James Franco. Whatever. You can skip everything until the very end of the interview, where Franco slyly tries to get an in-character Stephen Colbert to discuss his impending move to The Late Show.

Watch Stephen Colbert Eviscerate the Head of MTV for Yanking Daft Punk

Rich Juzwiak · 08/07/13 07:00AM

Daft Punk were supposed to headline the Colbert Report's annual StePhest Colbchella and play the "song of the summer," "Get Lucky." (That must have seemed slightly more plausible as the actual song of the summer a month ago, when the duo were booked.) However, because they had a deal with MTV for a surprise appearance on August 25's Video Music Awards, President of MTV Networks Music & Logo Group at Viacom, Inc., Van Toffler stepped in and put the kibosh on the Colbert Report appearance, citing contractual exclusivity.

Stephen Colbert Isn't the Only One Who Had His Heart Broken By Chief Justice Roberts

Matt Toder · 06/28/12 11:00PM

On tonight's Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert laid his heart on the table and was very upfront about how it had been broken by Chief Justice John Roberts today. With his vote swinging the Supreme Court's ruling, Roberts didn't just uphold Obamacare, he destroyed Colbert and a few other Republicans as well.