Is This Model Snorting Coke?

Sam Biddle · 03/16/15 01:30PM

According to Wikipedia, Gigi Hadid is "an American fashion model and TV personality." The C-lister now says she is definitely not blowing a line of cocaine in the above image, which her dumbass B-list musician boyfriend shared online. Do you believe her?

Make Hitler Happy: The Beginning of Mein Kampf, as Told by Coca-Cola

Max Read · 02/04/15 11:15AM

"Make it happy!" Coca-Cola's new marketing campaign exhorts. The campaign, introduced during a Super Bowl commercial, is accompanied by a stunt through which Twitter users reply to negative tweets with the hashtag "#MakeItHappy"; Coca-Cola then transforms those tweets into cute ASCII art. "We turned the hate you found into something happy," @CocaCola chirps.

Hamilton Nolan · 03/26/14 10:28AM

"We're giving teens a reason to choose us," said an integrated marketing content director for Coca-Cola. "It gives teens a reason to reach for a Coke." Imagine living a life that required you to say those words.

Americans Will Be Drugged to Believe Their Soda Is Sweeter

Hamilton Nolan · 12/03/13 10:06AM

In the future, soda will not be some grotesque concoction of artificial flavors and sugar. In the future, soda will be a grotesque concoction of artificial flavors and mysterious taste bud-modifying chemical agents. Progress!

Sean Parker's $150,000 Drug-Fueled Halloween Party Is Why No One Takes Him Seriously

Max Read · 12/02/11 05:45PM

"I think he feels like people don't take him seriously," a friend tells Page Six Magazine about Facebook billionaire Sean Parker. "People often think of him as being like the character…in the movie [The Social Network]." I wonder why! Possibly it's the expensive, drug-fueled parties. Or maybe it's the way he holds paranoid grudges over nightclub slights?

Jihad Against White Coca-Cola Cans Succeeds

Maureen O'Connor · 12/01/11 12:30PM

Our long national nightmare of coke cans looking different than usual has ended: Coca Cola has announced that it will scrap this year's white holiday-designed cans, and return to "time-honored red" next week. Why? "Sacrilege."

Sean Parker Gets Friendly with Lindsay Lohan

Ryan Tate · 06/30/11 07:09AM

Shortly after being fired as Facebook president, Sean Parker was ejected from Bungalow 8 for piercing the eardrums of Lindsay Lohan and her entourage with his drunken screams. Five years later, the pair very much appear to have made up.