One Novelist's Drug Cocktail

Sheila · 03/04/08 03:45PM

We already know that half of Manhattan abuses Adderall, but what does an ex-addict novelist need to get writing in the morning? According to an Esquire interview with James Brown, author of Los Angeles Diaries: a lot. Writers, take note! Among other things, we learn about antidepressant Wellbutrin's pleasing stimulant qualities, especially whenn combined with something called "No-Explode..."

"I love my orange pills"

Nick Denton · 01/03/08 02:58PM

Yesterday's casting call, for users of cognitive enhancers, has produced a winner. W, a 27-year-old with a "big, fancy job" in Manhattan, says she started taking Adderall in college, and never stopped. "Beats the fuck out of coffee," she says. For her not-so-tragic tale, read on.