The British Have Stolen "Wine Surprise" From Me

Allie Jones · 06/05/15 08:30AM

The New York Times reports on a new trend in teen drinking across the pond: Young Brits have recently been consuming a kind of caffeinated wine called “Buckie” with wild abandon. The drink has become so popular that the Scottish Parliament is considering banning it to keep it out of their country.

Did Cocktail Snobs Help Destroy an Antarctic Glacier?

Ryan Tate · 02/02/12 04:43PM

The Antarctic region is losing its glaciers to global warming, but now comes evidence humans are helping erode the ice masses in a more direct way: Chilean authorities arrested an entrepreneur for making off with five and a half tons of the Jorge Montt glacier in Patagonia.

Cocktail Godfather Wants a Bar Fight

Ryan Tate · 08/31/10 05:38PM

Eben Freeman has had it with the injustice done to bartenders. "Someone needs to get sued," the "molecular mixologist" tells The Atlantic. Cocktails used to be intoxicating fun, but now they could land you in legal trouble.

All the Best Cocktails Have Ridiculous Names

Richard Lawson · 06/11/10 10:59AM

Cocktail names from a scintillating New York Times trend piece on drinking: the Penelope Cruiser, the Algerian Typist, A New Phase of Life, the Yuzu You Too!, the Sexy London, Sandals 'n Spice. Don't you want to drink them all?

Meet the Pickleback, the Latest Fauxhemian Nectar

Ravi Somaiya · 05/07/10 05:17PM

Drinkers are apparently weary of all the fancy-pants cocktails filled with tinctures and obscure violet-based liquors. The kids these days are, apparently, enjoying a shot of whisky followed by a shot of pickle brine.

Puke Up A Blue Slushee In Honor Of 'Juno' At The Polo Lounge

Seth Abramovitch · 02/14/08 06:46PM

One of our favorite Oscar traditions is the menu of original cocktails inspired by the five Best Picture nominees, as devised by the clever bartending staff of The Polo Lounge. We gave them a call to see what they came up with this year (yes, these are all real):
· To honor No Country for Old Men, they have Blood and Sand: Johnny Walker Red, cherry brandy, sweet vermout, and a splash of OJ served strained in martini glass. Enough of those should give you a hangover that feels like a bolt-stunner to the melon.
· The Juno drink is a Blue Slushee, named for the frozen treat our hero upchucks into her stepmother's urn: Stoli raspberry, blue curacao, and lemonade, blended with ice.