Adam Weinstein · 03/31/14 11:45AM

Will your caramel-colored soda kill you with cancer? It might, if it's one of these brands.

Coca-Cola Is Doing Everything It Can to Ensure Your Child Is Not Fat

Hamilton Nolan · 05/08/13 02:45PM

America's most popular child-rearing consortium, the Coca-Cola corporation, declared today that it is taking a slew of new measures to make sure that you and your children do not turn into a bunch of walking diabetes bombs, courtesy of Coca-Cola products. Seriously, this is the last thing Coca-Cola is going to do for you, okay? Take some fucking responsibility, for chrissake.

Which Companies Are Using Aborted Human Fetuses in Their Food?

Max Read · 01/25/12 06:12PM

Last week, Oklahoma State Senator Ralph Shortey introduced a bill that would ban "the manufacture or sale of food or products which use aborted human fetuses." But which foods or products use aborted human fetuses? Let's investigate.

Jihad Against White Coca-Cola Cans Succeeds

Maureen O'Connor · 12/01/11 12:30PM

Our long national nightmare of coke cans looking different than usual has ended: Coca Cola has announced that it will scrap this year's white holiday-designed cans, and return to "time-honored red" next week. Why? "Sacrilege."