Fashion Rocks Pre-Post-Party At Hiro

Joshua Stein · 09/06/07 03:20PM

Through some sort of rift in the time-space continuum caused by Fashion Week, last night we found ourselves at the Condé Nast Fashion Rocks After Party—even though the actual Conde Nast Fashion Rocks party is tonight. Suck on that, Stephen Hawking! Inside, there was a lot of smoke, a few lasers and model Agyness Deyn. Nikola Tamindzic was there taking pictures. His full gallery can be found here.

Cobrasnake Crowd Much More Diverse Than We Thought

Doree Shafrir · 01/25/07 02:30PM

In the spirit of the upcoming fashion week, we decided to revisit scenes from the last New York fashion week, in September, and stumbled across this photo of NBA Commissioner David Stern on Cobrasnake, keeping it real at a Y3 party. We're glad to see he was representing in a nicely pressed suit, after all that controversy he stirred up about what NBA players can and can't wear off the court. If only there were one of him getting down with Steve Aoki.

Blue States Ooze

abalk2 · 11/01/06 03:50PM

Voice gadabout Tricia Romano takes on this new-fangled photoblogging phenomenon, which has

Hipster Scumbags Buy Cellphones Too

abalk2 · 10/02/06 03:30PM

So we're not 100% sure, but, close enough for blogging and all that: There's an ad that's been popping up all day on Yahoo Mail that seems to feature everyone's favorite party photographer, Mark "Cobrasnake" Hunter (top left). The other faces in the ad look like some of the lensman's subjects. It's a promotion for T-Mobile's new "myFaves" program, a service which "allows customers to call any five people free regardless of the carrier they use." The plan is part of T-Mobile's attempt to peel off users of other services; we had no idea that the douchebag demographic was so valuable. Either that or they're trying to tap the youth market.

Remainders: Ring My Bell

abalk2 · 08/21/06 06:15PM

• On the off chance that you fail to realize that Nasdaq may be full of shady, disreputable companies after reading this well-reported Chris Byron piece, the Post's Photoshop department helpfully provides the graphic above. Get it? They're mobsters! [NYP]
• The secret Segway conspiracy against black people continues. [NKT]
• Meanies at ugliest residential location in Manhattan refuse to allow you to recreate in the monstrosity's shadow. [Curbed]
• If you're looking for Mickey Kaus, head no further than your nearest Gap. He'll be rocking out to "What Do All the People Know?' in the denim department. [Kausfiles, Sunday entry]
• Why did Snakes on a Plane fail to meet expectations? The answer may have something to do with the snakes. [AdFreak]
• Don't forget, tomorrow may bring fiery death from above. The WSJ editorial board has prepped an opinion linking it all to the estate tax just in case. [Wonkette]
• An e-mail from New York magazine claims that this week's Approval Matrix coined the term Shyamaladenfreude, or "the pleasure derived from M. Night Shyamalan's misfortunes." Of course, the LAT used it a month ago. Sounds like a case of Mossappropriation to us. [Google search]
• Try reading this piece on Mark "Cobrasnake" Hunter in the voice and inflections of a 13-year-old girl and it almost sounds plausible. [Paper]

On Sale at Most Major Massage Parlors

Jessica · 08/01/06 02:40PM

The 2007 edition of the official FDNY's Calendar of Heroes goes on sale today; for just $15.95, you can buy yourself 12 sexy months of the city's hottest firefighters and their rock-hard abs — plus all proceeds go to the nonprofit FDNY foundation, which funds the fire department's training and recruitment. So you can entertain those erotic firehose fantasies and feel good about it too.

Short Ends: Impress Natalie Portman By Bidding On Pieces Of Her Past

mark · 10/25/05 07:13PM

· We already knew that Natalie Portman was unreasonably gorgeous in high school, so why do we need to bid on her yearbook? Because it will one day make her fall in love with us, that's why.
· Come on, sillies, George Clooney didn't literally mean he was considering suicide when he said that he was going to kill himself over his Syriana injuries. Don't be ridiculous. Who'd run the casino if he offed himself, Gerber? Pitt? Whatever.
· The LAT profiles Mark "The Cobrasnake" Hunter, in-house photographer for Drunken Hipster Quarterly. If you see him at a party (and you will—even hermits like us have bumped into the guy), hide—his magical lens makes everyone look like they're wasted and/or wearing headbands.
· Janet Jackson might have a "secret child" with an obscure DeBarge, says an even more obscure DeBarge. (For our purposes, all non-El DeBarges shall be labeled various degrees of obscure.)

Remainders: The Cobra Snake Simply Will Not Die

Jessica · 10/25/05 06:10PM

LA Times gets all A1 with its hipster coverage, burning your cornea with a major piece on party photographer The Cobra Snake. Bonus points for New Yorkers Joey Arak and Choire McSichapants for quotage, and to Jonny Kaps for having his name repeatedly misspelled. [LAT]
• So who's going to replace legendary King of All Media Howard Stern? Worst case scenario: Adam Carrolla or David Lee Roth. Time to buy an iPod if you haven't already. [CBS/AP]
• In other replacement news, cheap retalier has replaced Cocaine Kate Moss with Italian model Mariacarla Boscano, who we're sure has never blown a rail in her entire life. [Yahoo/AP]
• Fundamentalist Christians get laid more than you think. [NYT]
• Manhattan, meet the ViVa 'hood. That's right: The next neighborhood to try and get all "hot" is named after your budget paper towels. [Curbed]

Cobrasnake on Very Limited Advertising Budget

Jessica · 10/03/05 12:40PM

The official Historian of Hipster Nightlife, the Cobrasnake, has taken to guerilla marketing. The image at right features his trademark "tag," which can be found on empty, vulnerable walls in the expected habitats such as the Lower East Side and Chelsea. Note the abandoned bottles of Corona; the alcoholic litter is a genuine mark of the Snake. Lock your doors and protect your children, lest he mark you as his territory.