Dayna Evans · 04/12/14 12:45PM

Girl in casual attire holds disembodied head of HAIM bassist Este Haim as she perches atop the shoulders of another festival attendee at Coachella, a triple-decker of stacked heads that evokes the image of mythological Roman hellhound Cerberus. Via AP/Chris Pizzello.

Watch OutKast's Full Coachella Performance From Your Couch

Dayna Evans · 04/12/14 12:00PM

Are we at Coachella? Coa-hell-no. But we aren't above watching the entirety of OutKast's first reunion performance from the comfort of our own homes. The ATLien duo got right down to it with "B.O.B.", and shook Indio with visits from Janelle Monae and Future, the former of whom described the reunion as "witnessing history."

OutKast to Reunite, Headline Coachella 2014

Neetzan Zimmerman · 11/20/13 10:21AM

Following rumors published by Billboard yesterday afternoon and by Diddy's Revolt TV late last night, OutKast collaborator Sleepy Brown has officially confirmed that the duo will be reuniting to headline next year's Coachella Music Festival.

Patrick Schwarzenegger Is 'Literally' 'Dead'

Louis Peitzman · 04/16/12 07:16PM

Coachella has been known to take its toll on attendees, and even offspring of the rich and famous aren't immune. Arnold Schwarzenegger's hunky son Patrick reports that he is "literally so dead" after the music festival this past weekend.

Sean Parker Gets Friendly with Lindsay Lohan

Ryan Tate · 06/30/11 07:09AM

Shortly after being fired as Facebook president, Sean Parker was ejected from Bungalow 8 for piercing the eardrums of Lindsay Lohan and her entourage with his drunken screams. Five years later, the pair very much appear to have made up.

Coachella Reveals Inverse Relationship Between Drug Use and Flip Flops

Jessica Poolt · 04/22/10 09:21AM

Despite what the haters would have you believe, keeping the union between flip flops and feet intact requires much skill, focus and concentration. Watch this festival bro trip between consciousnesses as he struggles to regain his footing on reality.

Naked Hippie Wizard Oppressed

Hamilton Nolan · 04/22/09 02:05PM

All this hippie wanted was to cast off his wizard's robe and be nude and free and happy at Coachella. The cops weren't convinced. So they Tasered him. Police still fear wizard wang. [Animal NY]