'Exhausted' Lady Sticks It to Obama

Jim Newell · 09/20/10 02:51PM

Barack Obama doesn't want businesses thinking he's anti-business. So he held a town hall today for CNBC, which literally all businesses watch. A common middle-class person posed a brutal first question, however, saying she's "exhausted of defending you."

Suze Orman: "I Am a Total Lady Gaga Freak"

Matt Cherette · 03/13/10 10:45PM

On her show tonight, Suze Orman entertained a request from a woman who wanted to buy $1,400 headphones. Orman then went on a sweet/hilarious/awesome tangent about her love for Lady Gaga—love that's not reciprocated, apparently. Video inside.

Mike Milbury Calls Russian Olympic Hockey Team "Eurotrash"

Matt Cherette · 02/24/10 10:52PM

Let the countdown to Olympic sportscaster Mike Milbury's inevitable suspension begin! After tonight's quarterfinal hockey game between Canada and Russia, Milbury had some choice words for the Russian athletes, saying that they "came with their Eurotrash game." Video inside.

Maybe Journalists Should Smoke More Crack?

Hamilton Nolan · 02/09/10 02:38PM

In your brainstorming Tuesday media column: better journalism through crack, a Bob Schieffer vacation, Hugh Hefner gets sued, a star-studded media kid bar mitzvah, and newspapers discover a rich new source of advertising.

CNBC Anchor Says the iPad "Reminds Me Of Feminine Products"

Whitney Jefferson · 01/27/10 01:55PM

CNBC's coverage of the Apple iPad went downhill when a female anchor equated the tablet to the types of products that women use once a month. The male anchors couldn't hold back their distaste for the comparison.

Alec Baldwin Thinks of CNBC as a Dating Service

John Cook · 01/04/10 02:46PM

On the next season of 30 Rock, Jack Donaghy will have a fling with a right-wing CNBC talking head. On the last season of Alec Baldwin's mixed-up life, he hit on this real right-wing CNBC talking head. Art imitates life!

cityfile · 12/14/09 03:23PM

• The New York Times and Wall Street Journal are feuding once again. [DF]
• Thanks to a $200 million investment in new printers, Mort Zuckerman's Daily News can now print any page of the paper in color! Exciting! [Crain's]
• Does the fact Glenn Beck is a highly paid pitchman for a gold company explain why he promotes it on Fox News show every night? Probably! [NYT]
• MSNBC is changing up its daytime lineup a bit, just so you're aware. [NYT]
• Despite the recession (and $12 tickets), film attendance was up in '09. [LAT]
• The New York Film Critics Circle announced its yearly picks today. [AP]
• Congress is devoting (wasting?) $30 mil. to battle music/movie piracy. [THR]
• Disney's The Princess and the Frog dominated the weekend box office [THR]
• CNBC has poached the WSJ's Nikhil Deogun as its new managing editor. [NYT]
• Sarah Palin's book tour is over. "Now what?" Good question! [LAT]

cityfile · 12/09/09 04:47PM

• The list of New York Times staffers accepting buyouts from the paper to leave has grown. And it includes Jenny 8. Lee, surprisingly). [Gawker, NYO]
• Television news: The Early Show has a new boss as of today; profits are up at CNBC; and Joy Behar's new show on HLN is doing pretty well in the ratings.
• Will Vevo, the new Hulu of music videos, succeed? That's up in the air, but it did host a glam launch party last night and traffic's been strong. [AdAge, CNET]
• Tavi, the 13-year-old blogger who's transfixed the fashion world, is writing a column for Harper's Bazaar; a bit of controversy has followed. [WWD, NYM]
• Great news! R. Kelly has signed a deal to pen his memoirs. [Vulture]
• Even better news: ABC has a reality show debuting in January that combines dating and romance with a "moving conveyor belt." It's about time! [Wrap]

cityfile · 12/02/09 03:35PM

Rupert Murdoch is hoping to give the Times a run for its money. The mogul plans to put $15 million into the NYC edition of the Wall Street Journal. [NYO]
• ABC still hasn't said who's replacing Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America, which has led to some "puzzlement and frustration" among staffers. [LAT]
• Why is Comcast planning to keep Jeff Zucker on as NBC Universal's CEO after it takes control of the company? There are no easy explanations, alas. [NYT]
• The Times may "prune" its collection of 70 blogs to cut expenses. [NYO]
• Sam Zell has stepped down as CEO of Tribune; he'll remain chairman. [NYT]
• The lineup for Sundance 2010 was announced today. [Vulture, NYT]
• Tiger Woods' spicy extracurricular activities would have come out two years ago if the National Enquirer hadn't cut a deal with the golfer. Allegedly. [NYP]