Yoga Clothes More Popular Than Yoga

Hamilton Nolan · 08/21/14 09:20AM

Traditionally, Americans only see the inside of a gym from January 2- January 15, before giving up on their New Year's resolutions. Their actual need for athletic apparel is minimal. This does not stop Americans from buying athletic apparel as fast as they can.

"Gray Is the New Brown": How to Dress Your Children

Caity Weaver · 03/13/14 02:57PM

There are no cream-colored garments on display at the ENK Children's Club international kids' clothing exhibition when I visit the Javits Convention Center in Hell's Kitchen Tuesday morning, except in those booths whose entire stock is made up of rompers in varying shades of eggshell, ecru, and ivory.

Barack Obama Hates Wearing This Goddamn Indonesian Silly Shirt

Jim Newell · 11/18/11 04:59PM

President Obama and fellow Pacific leaders didn't don any "silly shirts" — a.k.a. "festive local garb" — at last week's APEC conference in Hawaii, breaking from the conference's proud tradition of dressing powerful global leaders in clown costumes. "I got rid of the Hawaiian shirts because I looked at pictures of some of the previous APEC meetings," he explained, "and... I thought this may be a tradition that we might want to break." The War on Fun never ends with this guy. Fortunately, his hosts at his latest stop in Bali have forced him to wear a silly shirt anyway.

Kanye's Debut Fashion Line Met With Resounding 'Meh'

Max Read · 10/02/11 11:01AM

Kanye West, whose blood, at this point, has almost entirely been replaced with cocaine, has decided that, in addition to releasing embarrassing rap albums every year, he will design women's clothing. He debuted his first collection, Dw Kanye West, in Paris yesterday. No one was very enthusiastic.

Frugalista Stampede Crashes Target's Website

Maureen O'Connor · 09/13/11 12:01PM

A horde of foamy-mouthed "frugalistas" took down the website of corporate megalith Target for several hours this morning, when Italian knitwear brand Missoni launched its 400-piece "Missoni for Target" collection. I won't lie, I am not above this. I, too, visited this morning, seeking a pair of zig-zag patterened shoes I saw in the Missoni for Target lookbook. My greed for reasonably priced footwear crashed

100 Years, 100 Seconds, 100 Goddamn Costume Changes

Max Read · 08/30/11 07:29PM

There's a lot to like about this very well-done promo video for a soon-to-open East London shopping, hrm, "centre" besides the fashion, much of which still looks very snappy, if not entirely accurate. Such as, for example, the music (by Tristin Norwell), and the choreography, and imagining how annoying, but also fun, it would have been to change your clothes 100 times and do the same dance every time. [via The Hairpin]

Department Stores Compromising Fitting-Room Privacy

Lauri Apple · 08/06/11 02:02PM

The next time you go clothes-shopping, be sure to wear your favorite opaque full-body unitard—unless you don't mind department store employees watching you while you try on outfits in the fitting rooms. The secret's in the slats, shoppers!

Fine Dining

Max Read · 01/24/11 12:10AM

[Designer Thom Browne showed off his Fall/Winter 2011 collection in Paris by staging a dinner. Image via AP]