Lithuania's Got Some Talent, Mostly Knife Accidents

Jay Hathaway · 01/07/15 02:17PM

Lithuania's got talent! Probably! I mean, every country must have some talent, statistically speaking (and Lithuania's Got Talent is the name of a TV show, which definitely makes it true). But the particular talent Lithuania has is not knife throwing, as the assistant in this knife-throwing act learned from bloody, bloody experience.

Man Nearly Saws Face Off During Live News Report

Maureen O'Connor · 11/07/11 06:08PM

Illinois weather reporter Drew Gardner was delivering a live report about storm-toppled trees when a tree surgeon trips and nearly slices his face off. As the jauntily coiffed Gardner explains on his YouTube page,

Teen Nearly Buried Alive in Beach Grave

Leah Beckmann · 08/05/11 03:59PM

Beach days are the best! It's nothing but taking in the sun, splashing around in the water, and digging six-foot pits in the sand. Um, huh? While I'm pretty sure most people don't spend their time at the beach digging massive trenches in the sand—what are you, digging to China?—to each his own. But if you happen to be the sort of person who enjoys this activity, please know that these holes are extremely dangerous and may collapse in on you, as 17-year-old Orange County resident Matt Mina will tell you.

Rogue Baseball Attacks George W. Bush

Jim Newell · 05/24/11 02:05PM

Poor President George W. Bush! He was simply trying to enjoy his beloved Texas Rangers last night when a foul ball came screeching for his head. Bush was sitting there, gloveless, and catcher A.J. Pierzynski nearly took out the 43rd President in his failed attempt to make the catch. Everyone survived, barely.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Attracts Another Mysterious Explosion

Jeff Neumann · 05/24/11 05:30AM

Vertically-challenged Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad either has some pretty bad luck when it comes to being near oddly-timed explosions, or someone doesn't like him. Last August, someone tossed a grenade set off celebratory fireworks next to Ahmadinejad's motorcade. And today, at the inauguration of an oil refinery, an explosion killed two people right before Ahmadinejad was to give a speech. State-run media says it's no big deal. And, it turns out, someone should have listened to the damn Germans:

Drunk Woman Passes Out in Front of an Oncoming Subway Train

Mike Byhoff · 11/10/09 09:43AM

Last Friday night a drunk woman in Boston fell on the tracks of an oncoming T Train and nearly died. According to the train conductor, panicked Bostonians are completely indistinguishable from Boston sports fans.

mark · 10/29/07 01:16PM

Fans of the original Escape From New York can breathe a sigh of relief, as Brett Ratner has intimated that someone else will be handling the ruination of the John Carpenter classic. We suggest that everyone now start praying that some comic book movie in desperate need of his hacky skillset will come along and make Ratner forget all about how much he loves Sinatra. [AICN]