This Clock Will Create More Time for You to Eat Your Lunch

Richard Blakeley · 01/18/11 12:05PM

The lunchtime clock slows down every day 20% at 11:00 and speeds up 20% at 11:48 until it rights itself at 1:00. This gives you an extra 12 minutes of lunchtime to enjoy. That's a full hour a week!

Arduino-Powered "Equinox Clock" Will Shock, Awe, Tell Time

Matt Cherette · 09/07/10 12:51PM

Hey, this is pretty cool! Here's inventor Bram Knaapen's Arduino-powered Equinox Clock, which ditches the traditional hands interface in favor of customizable LED displays. Inside, a video that demonstrates the Equinox Clock's main features, and an overview of its specs.