Cliven Bundy Files Batshit Lawsuit Claiming Harry Reid Is Personally Trying to Steal His Land

Andy Cush · 05/10/16 03:15PM

We warned readers this morning to brace themselves for another whole big exhausting thing with the Bundy family ranchers, thinking that a call from environmental groups for the government to relocate their cattle might prompt another standoff. That might still be the case, but the newest thing we have to contend with turns out to be this completely bonkers lawsuit the Bundy patriarch is filing in federal court.

Cliven Bundy Denied Bail in Oregon

Brendan O'Connor · 02/16/16 11:08PM

Cliven Bundy was denied bail in Portland, Oregon, on Tuesday, the Guardian reports. He is charged with felony conspiracy to impede federal officers in connection with the 2014 at his Nevada ranch. “If he’s released and goes back to his ranch, that’s likely the last the court will see of him,” the judge said.

Cliven Bundy Tells Last Remaining Oregon Militia Idiots to Stand Their Ground

Sam Biddle · 02/02/16 02:37PM

Rancher and outspoken racist Cliven Bundy earned notoriety in 2014 for starting a large, armed standoff against the federal government because he was angry about his cows. This week, he’s urging the rural radicals once commanded by his son to continue their armed occupation of a remote wildlife refuge in Harney County, Oregon.

Adam Weinstein · 07/02/14 11:31AM

"The latrines are indeed kind of full. My eyes water with the smell of freedom." GQ's Zach Baron ventured out to Bunkerville and wrote the ultimate postmortem on Cliven Bundy, his army encampment of misanthropes, and the American revolution that wasn't.

Operation American Spring, the Right's Crazy Copy of Occupy, Explained

Adam Weinstein · 05/16/14 12:24PM

You can feel it in the air, rising on a zephyr like a handmade sign depicting Obama as the Joker. Operation American Spring is on, people, in the streets of Washington and Baton Rouge and—that's about it, really. But here comes the nutty conservative impeachment revolution!