Clive Davis Confirms Rumors, Comes Out as Bisexual

Neetzan Zimmerman · 02/19/13 09:27AM

Legendary music mogul Clive Davis, whose impact on pop music and pop culture in general has been felt for the past five decades, reveals in his new memoir that he has been in a "strong monogamous relationship" with a man for the past seven years.

The Return of Jersey Shore; The 2010 Grammys

cityfile · 02/01/10 08:20AM

• The cast of MTV's Jersey Shore officially signed on for season two over the weekend. (Although MTV may now be forced to rename the show, since the cast could be spending next season in the Hamptons.) If you need something to tide you over until the summer, you could always go out and pick up Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's new cologne, which is appropriately named "The Sitch" and smells like a mix of self-tanner, Axe body spray, and some random girl's perfume. [Us, NYP, P6]
• So much for those rumors about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie splitting up. At the Director's Guild of America Awards in LA on Saturday night, the couple looked "as happy as can be," Pitt pulled a chair out for his wife (what a gentleman!), and he spent the evening gently caressing her back. [Us, People]
• Did you miss the Grammys last night? Lady Gaga wore a dress that looked like a fifth-grade solar system science project before descending into a fire pit and then playing piano opposite a crystal-encrusted Elton John; Pink did a Cirque de Soleil-esque performance in a nude bodysuit, twirling on a trapeze and singing upside down; Beyonce won a record-breaking six Grammys; Taylor Swift walked away with four, including album of the year; and the crowd was treated to a 3-D tribute to Michael Jackson as well as brief speeches by two of his kids, Prince and Paris. Click through for the list of winners and the fashion highlights/lowlights. [People, NYP, NYDN, MTV, People]

Grammy Parties: As Awkward as Taylor Swift Winning So Many Times

Maureen O'Connor · 02/01/10 05:56AM

It all started when got a microphone; it got worse when Ryan Seacrest told a joke. Tiger Woods' yacht docks, Charlize Theron gets a divorce, Mary J. Blige throws a tantrum. Monday gossip roundup, at your service.

Clive Davis Buys; Ex-Viacom CFO Sells

cityfile · 10/28/09 07:58AM

Clive Davis is spreading out at the Ritz Tower. The legendary music exec, who already lives in a duplex on the 36th and 37th floors, paid $1.125 million for a two-bedroom apartment in the Park Avenue building. [Cityfile]
• Richard Bressler, Viacom's former CFO and a now a partner at Thomas H. Lee Partners, has unloaded his duplex at 850 Park. The five-bedroom co-op, which Bressler purchased for $9.75 million in 2005 and put on the market for $13.5 million in March, sold for $11.4 million. [Cityfile]
• Two months after Bruce Ratner sold his Montauk estate for $10 million, the real estate developer has picked up a more modest weekend retreat in Long Beach. Ratner paid $2 million for the three-bedroom oceanfront home. [NYO]

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 04/03/09 07:15AM

Alec Baldwin turns 51 today. Eddie Murphy is turning 48. Pop princess Leona Lewis is 24. Amanda Bynes is turning 23. 90210's Jennie Garth is 37. Mr. Las Vegas, Wayne Newton, is turning 67. Former ski champion Picabo Street is 38. Legendary actress Doris Day is turning 87. Actor David Hyde Pierce is 50. And Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach is 41. Weekend birthdays after the jump.

Kate's New Career Goal, Michael Phelps Apologizes

cityfile · 02/02/09 06:53AM

• Kate Moss has been telling friends that she wants to branch out into acting so she can become a "Hollywood star," and that she's already lined up an agent in New York. [Showbiz Spy]
• Michael Phelps has issued an apology after photos appeared this weekend in the News of the World showing him smoking weed. [NYP, NOTW]
• Bernie Madoff's grandkids are considering changing their last names. [P6]
John Thain was hardly the first or the last: Clive Davis, Martin Bandier, and Rolf Schmidt-Holtz have all spent obscene amounts in recent years to redecorate their offices, too. [R&M]
• Despite the fact her magazine is losing millions and has laid off dozens, Portfolio's Joanne Lipman insisted on flying first class to Davos. [P6]

Is It the End for Tinsley & Topper?

cityfile · 01/12/09 06:45AM

• It may be the end of the line for socialite Tinsley Mortimer and her husband Topper. The couple has been living apart since December, reportedly because Tinz is sick of Topper's "promiscuous ways." But considering this is the second time they've been married to one another, there's always the chance the third time will be the charm. [P6]
Gwyneth Paltrow is turning into quite the entrepreneur. She's reportedly in talks to launch a chain of gyms with her personal trainer. [DS]
• Amy Winehouse says she's finally off drugs and "feels like a new woman," although she also says that she hasn't quit drinking just yet. [NYDN]
• Madonna is reportedly beefing up her security detail following death threats from Islamic fanatics. []
• A rundown of the winners at last night's Golden Globes. [E!]

The Friday Party Report

cityfile · 11/14/08 12:47PM

Vito Schnabel (son of Julian) and Olivier Sarkozy (half-brother of Nicolas) hosted Terence Koh's "Flowers for Baudelaire" exhibition on Wednesday night at Richard Avedon's former studio, where the unusual art was admired by the likes of Anna Wintour, Simon de Pury, Jeffrey Deitch, Allison Sarofim, Stella Schnabel, Olmo Schnabel, Lola Schnabel, Jacqueline Schnabel, Zac Posen, Ann Dexter-Jones, Nadine Johnson, Theodora Richards, Alexandra Richards, Byrdie Bell, Benjamin Cho, Cynthia Rowley, Salman Rushie, Lyor Cohen, Todd Eberle, Derek Blasberg, Genevieve Jones, Yvonne Force Villareal, Drena De Niro, Lisa Anastos, and Gilles Bensimon. [PMc, NYM, GoaG]

Hollywood Promotes the Vote

cityfile · 11/04/08 06:54AM

♦ A long list of celebs have been involved in a last-minute effort to get out the vote for Obama, including Oprah, Diddy, Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick, Edie Falco, John McEnroe, Mary J. Blige, Russell Simmons, Beyonce, and Jay-Z. In the elderly celebrity writer department, Vanity Fair's Dominick Dunne says he postponed surgery so he could vote today. [R&M, Politico]
Ivana Trump has been calling Marius Rusovici, the 23-year-old Belgian she's been hanging out with, "her boyfriend," although it may just be a plot to make Rossano Rubicondi jealous. Or stir up some press. Or both. [NYDN]
♦ David Duchovny and Tea Leoni were spotted holding hands while their kids went trick-or-treating on the Upper East Side last Friday, which may or may not mean they're getting back together. [P6]
♦ Sumner Redstone's ex-wife, Paula Fortunato, is still living in his Beverly Hills mansion. But he may have already reunited with his ex-girlfriend, Manuela Herzer. [P6]

Rock Museum Coming to SoHo

cityfile · 08/14/08 09:36AM

Because nothing says rock 'n' roll like a group of grandfatherly types in suits, Michael Bloomberg, Clive Davis and Billy Joel gathered yesterday to announce the opening of New York's branch of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. Opening in November on Mercer Street, the 25,000-square-foot space will contain memorabilia like Bruce Springsteen's first car, Elvis Presley's motorcycle jacket, and some stuff Joel "found around his house." [NYSun]

Clive Davis

cityfile · 02/03/08 09:33PM

The "man with the golden ears," Clive Davis is the legendary record label head who served as the CEO of BMG until 2008. He's currently the chief creative officer of Sony Music Entertainment.

A brief conversation with Kurt Vonnegut

Gawker · 02/25/03 05:09PM

Kurt Vonnegut's response to the NYT's Joyce Wadler at Clive Davis' Grammy party last night: "I'm here because Jill [Krementz] wants to be here."
[Wadler asks,] Would he like to tell us about music he loves?
"No, I don't like your newspaper."
[Wadler asks,] Why?
"You don't like me," he said, walking away.
Don't shoot! That's Aretha's hair! [NYT]

Gossip roundup

Gawker · 02/24/03 09:58AM

· NYT journalist Michael Finkel, who was fired last year for fabricating a story, found out while he was contemplating suicide that Christian Longo (who was wanted in Mexico for murdering his family) was using his name as an alias because he liked Finkel's writing. HarperCollins is paying $300,000 for Finkel's story, including exclusive interviews with Longo. [Page Six]
· George Hamilton is hosting a reality TV show pilot in which a low-income family from the Bronx is transplanted into a Palm Beach mansion. [Page Six]
· Stephen King's cure for writer's block: "I pull out from deep within my desk this jar which is said to have a pickled little slave boy's heart from before the Civil War, although I'll never know if that is really true or not," (he tells Webster Hall curator Baird Jones.) [Page Six]
· Liz Smith takes a swipe at Mr. Untouchable: "I can't wait for Nicole [Kidman]'s turn as a woman married to a short-ish control freak who won't allow her to wear high heels." [Ed. notego Liz!] [Liz Smith]
· Clive Davis says none of his rivals throw competing Grammy parties because he always includes them in the fun. Kid Rock on musicians pontificating about war in Iraq: "Why is everybody trying to stop the war? George Bush ain't been saying, 'You all, make shitty records.' Politicians and music don't mix. It's like whisky and wine. [Musicians] ought to stay out of it." [NY Daily News]