I Feel Sorry For Monica Lewinsky

Michelle Dean · 05/09/14 09:35AM

I feel sorry for Monica Lewinsky. I am not sure why it is apparently so difficult for people to simply say that, even now.

Clinton Campaign Roughs Up The Press (And 'GQ')

Maggie · 09/25/07 12:19PM

The Clinton campaign is circling the wagons, according to Politico's Ben Smith. He reports that aides for the junior senator went head-to-head with GQ this summer over the magazine's plan to print a less than favorable portrait of the Clinton's camp. Threats were (allegedly!) made to pull President Clinton from the cover of the magazine's (allegedly!) best-selling December issue unless editor (and Jake Gyllenhall devotee) Jim Nelson dropped the piece. Like other top magazine editors, Nelson folded to the power um, "couple." No word yet on which particular skeletons were in jeopardy, but David Remnick better watch his step if he knows what's good for him.

Look Out for Pelican Droppings

jps · 04/15/06 04:06PM

You know, the more we look into the Big B's black ops, the more we keep hearing one name over and over: Anthony Pellicano.