Climate Change Is So Bad Even Oil Companies Are Bracing for it Now

Adam Weinstein · 07/28/14 04:00PM

This month, an oil refinery on the Delaware River sought approval from state officials and Army engineers to reinforce its facilities. Why? Because the earth is warming, storms are churning, and the sea level's already high enough to endanger the oil company's business.

Adam Weinstein · 07/21/14 02:30PM

Earth broke another all-time heat record again. "We are living in the steroid era of the climate system," one researcher says. Together, there's nothing we can't do! Except for reversing global warming.

Adam Weinstein · 07/07/14 11:28AM

BBC is instructing its editors and producers to stop striving for "false balance" by booking so many anti-science and climate-denying commentators. "Audiences should be able to understand from the context and clarity of the BBC's output what weight to give to critical voices," a company report stated.

Rick Perry Trusts Science on Gay-Conversion, But Not That Climate Thing

Adam Weinstein · 06/16/14 01:45PM

Rick Perry, presidential contender and the Republican Party's version of a Very Special Blossom Episode, said today he'd listen to scientific professionals on whether gay-conversion therapy works. Which is weird, since he thinks scientific professionals who study climate or uteruses are basically charlatans.

Americans Are Big Believers In Science, If You Ignore the Tea Partiers

Adam Weinstein · 06/02/14 03:00PM

You know all that fuss about how liberals love science and conservatives hate it? Well, it turns out that a sizable majority of all Americans have faith in the quantifiable, reproducible conclusions of empirical observation. As long as you leave self-identified Tea Partiers out of the equation.