A Warm Christmas Is Just One Piece of Our Hot and Rotting Future

Tom Scocca · 12/15/15 05:51PM

The weather doesn’t care how you feel about it. So the question of how you ought to feel about the weather—specifically, about the wave of warmth that covered the eastern United States this past weekend, and that promises to linger through Christmas—is a human question. What does a warm December signify?

Change In Jet Stream Is the Likely Cause of Brutal Winter

Dayna Evans · 02/16/14 10:30AM

Similar to team-assembling montages in action films, the American Association for the Advancement of Science comes together once a year to discuss developments and discoveries in the field of science, pouring each other green tea and playing mirthful pranks on the younger PhDs. Predictably, the topic of climate change was put on display this year, as 84% of AAAS members believe that humans are causing global warming.

Appreciate This Beautiful Freezing Snow Nightmare While You Can

Ken Layne · 01/03/14 05:35PM

It seems there's a bit of inclement weather on the East Coast, and also around the Great Lakes and the Midwest and (who knows?) maybe even Texas and the South. Please enjoy your blizzards and Winter Wonderland, because snow and cold are beautiful things, and one day you can tell your starving children living underground what it was like to go outside on a crisp winter's day.

America Is Super Hot

Caity Weaver · 04/10/12 06:10PM

A government climate report released yesterday confirms what we all guessed when we spent St. Patrick's Day sunning in our bikinis. Earth's hottest new club is America.