James Cameron Gets Ready to Make His Next Big Whatever

Richard Lawson · 10/15/10 03:38PM

And it's gonna be a big one. Also today: Some TV show announcements that will please both nerds and gays, and nerdy gays. The Muppets meet some friends. And the world's sexiest director lands another sexy project.

What to Read This Fall

Max Read · 09/13/10 01:51PM

Fall is the best season for reading—it's either the weather or a Pavlovian response conditioned by years of schooling. But: What are you going to read? Here's a preview of some of this fall's most interesting titles.

If You Have The Means, Michael Keaton's Sweaty 'Batman' Codpiece Can Be Yours

Molly Friedman · 03/04/08 07:11PM

Got an extra six grand lying around with nothing to consume? Well, the folks at Guernsey's Auction House will be happy to solve your fiscal problem. What could possibly be more fulfilling than spending those benjamins on a previously worn wife-beater with holes in it, coupled with silk purple and maroon pants? Not buying it? Well, what if we told you said ensemble was worn by Jim Carrey in the legendary bird-calling scene from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. And if you roll higher than that, say with 100 grand taking up space in your wife's shoe closet, get your ass to Vegas on March 15th because Michael Keaton's likely-sweat-drenched Batman Returns costume awaits. What else will the Pugliese Pop Culture Collection feature? More offerings, prices and images follow after the jump.