Let's Read a Review of a Restaurant Where Dinner for Two Costs $861

Adam Weinstein · 02/18/14 04:25PM

Would you pay $21 for a green tea? Well, if you were cultured, you would, you goddam heathen. But since we can't take you out anyplace nice, let's instead swig our swirled leaves with Ryan Sutton, the food critic for Bloomberg News and enjoyer of one fat night in Chicago.

This Megabank Lawyer Pays Lower Rent Than You For No Good Reason

John Cook · 09/17/13 03:17PM

There's a brief and enraging—to New York City's renting class, at least—aside in Constance Rosenblum's Sunday New York Times Real Estate piece about committed couples who live apart. In describing Michael Kenny and Ingrid Doyle's two-apartment love affair, Rosenblum mentions that Kenny, a 62-year-old "lawyer with Citigroup," has for years held on to his "rent-stabilized two-bedroom in a rehabilitated tenement on West 116th Street in South Harlem...for which he pays under $2,000 a month." Let me put that in context.

Oh Great, GhettoTracker Is Back and as Offensive as Ever

Nitasha Tiku · 09/05/13 03:10PM

The 30-something Tallahassee man responsible for sure is a fickle fucker. In response to all the "negative baggage" that came with inviting users to mark off which ghettos to avoid—no actual crime data necessary—he relaunched as "Good Part of Town." Then he took down the site because segregating lower-income neighborhoods "wasn't worth the trouble." Now, he's back and as bigoted as ever!

Don't Worry, Hostess' Top Executives Still Got Richer As Company Collapsed

Jordan Sargent · 11/17/12 11:27AM

Like the rest of you, I've been worried sick this week about the fate of Hostess' top executives. Will they leave their bankrupt company with the millions of dollars they deserve? If not, who will provide for their families as they hit the unemployment line? Thankfully, we can all have a happy, stress-free weekend: Hostess executives gave themselves raises up to 300 percent even as they were preparing to file for bankruptcy.

Donald Trump's Endorsement of Mitt Romney Leads to Some Class Warfare on the Set of the Daily Show

Matt Toder · 02/02/12 11:28PM

On tonight's Daily Show, Donald Trump's endorsement of Mitt Romney lead to a discussion about class warfare between Jon Stewart and correspondent John Hodgman. More accurately, it is the case that Hodgman has no stomach for Stewart's brand of liberal whining about the rich having it all and some such. It's a spirited debate, one that touches the very essence of what kind of place this nation truly is. Or maybe it's filled with vague platitudes about "haves" and "soon to haves." Either way.

Violent Class War Coming Soon: How to Prepare Yourself

Danny Gold · 01/19/12 11:27PM

Kremlin backed propaganda artists Russia Today have predicted that the United States could erupt into a violent class war within two years. "With an assumption that a strong or very strong conflict exists increasing in only two years time, at this rate 85 percent of Americans would sense a class war in two years' time," reads the barely coherent missive. The economy is down and jobs are hard to come by, so pretty soon we'll all be killing each other in the streets. Should you be scared? You should probably not be scared.

You're All Just Jealous of Mitt Romney

Jim Newell · 01/12/12 03:00PM

Mitt Romney has had five or six years to formulate his response to a full onslaught on his record as corporate efficiency dweeb at Bain Capital, and here's what he's come up with: YOU PEOPLE ARE JEALOUS. Stop it. Go away!

Billionaire: Fat Cats Are People, Too

John Cook · 11/22/11 12:52PM

Hey! Billionaires have feelings, too, you know. Home Depot co-founder Ken Langone took to CNBC this morning to defend their honor from that bully Barack Obama, who is killing the economy by refusing to literally dance for them while holding pom-poms made of shredded cash: "We need leadership, we need cheerleading, we need encouragement. Businessmen and fat cats need to feel like they're doing something good not that they're villains and not that their criminals."

Congressman Spends $200,000 a Year on Food

John Cook · 09/19/11 12:10PM

Rep. John Fleming, a Louisiana Republican who owns a string of Subway and UPS franchises, was on MSNBC this morning to explain how earning $6.3 million a year—which he did in 2010—isn't all it's cracked up to be and to tell Barack Obama to lay off the class warfare. For instance: $200,000 of that goes to food. Being "rich" doesn't sound so great now, does it?

White House Staffers Got a Bigger Raise Than You Did Last Year

John Cook · 11/12/10 12:36PM

Did you get a raise last year? Seventy-four percent of White House staffers did, according a Gawker analysis of the White House's annual salary reports to Congress. Probably for the great job they're doing with the economy.