Confessions of a Recovering Black Debutante

Regina N. Bradley · 09/14/13 10:50AM

I'm a recovering debutante. I wouldn't go as far as saying a belle because I ain't with that frilly froo froo. Or girdles. I have a brain and I use it. I don’t own too many slips, or dresses, or wear much white. I don’t own a lacy parasol except for that one time where I had to accessorize with my lace ribbons for my annual Olan Mills photo.

When People Write for Free, Who Pays?

Cord Jefferson · 03/08/13 06:10PM

This week, veteran journalist Nate Thayer posted to his personal blog an email exchange he'd recently had with an editor from the Atlantic. The editor was asking Thayer to take something he'd already written and adapt a shorter version for use on the Atlantic's website, but there was a catch: The editor wanted Thayer to do it for free. "I am a professional journalist who has made my living by writing for 25 years," Thayer wrote, "and am not in the habit of giving my services for free to [for-profit] media outlets so they can make money by using my work and efforts by removing my ability to pay my bills and feed my children."

A Rockefeller By Any Other Name Would Make Just as Much

Max Rivlin-Nadler · 02/09/13 12:07PM

Depressing information for the normal set: a new study from an economist at UC Davis has found that social mobility, while still a cool concept, is not really happening. By following the rare surnames of prosperous Swedes (prosperous Swedes wake up every morning, clad in their flaxen robes, singing "I am a prosperous Sweeeeede!"), Gregory Clark found that the names of elite families in the 18th century still make up more than their correct proportion of premium jobs. According to The Economist:

Mitt Romney Made $45 Million Over the Last Two Years Doing Literally Nothing at All

John Cook · 01/24/12 09:59AM

Rich asshole Mitt Romney released his 2010 tax returns and an estimated return for 2011 this morning. Together they total more than 500 pages, because purposefully structuring your wealth so as to maximally exploit the massive tax loopholes you have lobbied for over the decades is very complicated. The topline: Romney made $45 million in 2010 and 2011, almost exclusively from sitting there and watching his investments belch out money. He paid a tax rate of 13.9%. According the IRS, the 400 wealthiest Americans paid an average tax rate of 16% in 2008. Way to shave off those pennies, Mitt!

Goals for Colleges: Admit More Rich Kids, Help Fewer Poor Kids

Lauri Apple · 09/21/11 09:11AM

A new survey reveals that U.S. colleges increasingly favor rich students who can pay their way without financial assistance even if they're dumber than poorer kids (unlikely). For you poor kids out there, this is good news: You can stop studying now. It doesn't matter anymore.

Crazy Rich Businessman Enacts Metaphor For America

John Cook · 05/20/11 03:47PM

Virginia restaurateur Henry Allen Fitzsimmons has hit upon a welfare plan the GOP can get behind: He sought out vulnerable young women who needed help and gave them money for education and childcare. All he asked in return was that they submit to being spanked, by him, on demand.

Countess LuAnn's Scary Subway Adventure

Richard Lawson · 03/18/11 09:08AM

Real Housewives of New York star LuAnn "Crackerjacks" de Lesseps, an American countess, lives a life of rarefied class and privilege that us gutter dwellers can only dream of. So what is it like for her when she and her lordling children decide to see how the common man lives? Well, it is very frightening! But also enriching. In an interview with Brick Underground, the noblewoman discusses one such experience, riding a New York City subway car.

Police Produce Captivating Girlfight Play-by-Play

Maureen O'Connor · 01/14/11 01:27PM

The police department of Lincoln, Nebraska has a crimestoppers website where they post America's Most Wanted-like videos about local criminals. Today's entry: an uncomfortably anthropological girlfight play-by-play featuring a Mickey Mouse hat, flying hair, and a public bus.

Seattle Blogger Wages War On Shameless, Filthy Middle Class

Richard Lawson · 08/12/10 12:15PM

Charles Mudede, a blogger for the The Stranger, the alternative weekly that serves cutesy raintown Seattle, wrote a post today about people who were robbed by a fraud i-banker and were understandably upset about it. And his post is insane?