Clark Hoyt Really Is A Total Pill!

Choire · 12/21/07 03:05PM

Each Friday, 'New York Times' deputy managing editor Jonathan Landman and General Manager Vivian Schiller write an in-house email on the subject of The Future and The Internet and The Newsroom. This week: Why is everyone ragging on 'T' magazine? A rebuttal!

abalk · 07/26/07 08:40AM

New New York Times ombudsman won't say "Mr." or "Dr." and there's no one who can make him. [NYT]

Doree Shafrir · 07/23/07 03:55PM

New NYT ombudsman Clark Hoyt suggests that the paper might try covering the Ochs-Sulzberger family in the same way they cover other stories. He didn't get very far with Pinch, though: "Sulzberger wouldn't talk about his family's trust in any detail, like how the family divides the income." Mmhmm. [NYT]

'Times' Columnists Have To Get By On $23 Shares

abalk · 06/27/07 01:15PM

New Times ombudsman Clark Hoyt passes along a reader query about columnists' outside income to editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal. Rosenthal patiently explains that columnists cannot take money for anything except books they publish, academic work, and the occasional "reasonable" speaking fee. Oh, also: