Arthur Bradford and Eminem

Gawker · 04/18/03 02:07PM

Claire Zulkey of interviews writer (Dogwalker) and filmmaker (How's your news?) Arthur Bradford and "apropos of nothing" provides Eminem's high school photo (right). Bradford on his guitar-smashing habits during readings/performances: " I did have one really stupid incident where I knocked a hole in the wall of a nice club. I felt so dumb about that. The owner was appalled. He said, 'I don't understand why you did that.' I had no excuse. It was stupid. Since then I've learned it's not always appropriate to break a guitar."
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Seattle sucks

Gawker · 03/28/03 09:09AM

"Seattle sucks. New York and Chicago are real cities. Seattle is Dubuque, Iowa, putting on airs. People here think Seattle is Paris... it ain't. I've been to Paris, and this place isn't Paris." (Seattle sex columnist Dan Savage in an interview with Claire Zulkey of
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