Former Professional Propagandist for White Supremacist and Torture Regime Decries Nazi Comparisons in Politics

Alex Pareene · 11/30/15 02:06PM

Marc Thiessen would like everyone in politics to please stop comparing their opponents to Nazis. Or rather, he would like everyone to stop evoking comparisons to Nazis, as the two politicians he calls out in his latest Washington Post column never actually said “Nazi” or “Hitler.” It’s not a very surprising or notable argument, really, especially from Marc Thiessen, whose continued participation in public life is dependent on enforcing a particular standard of “civility” in our political discourse.

Arizona's' 'Civility Institute' Will Tame State's Insane Masses

Jim Newell · 02/21/11 04:35PM

Does anyone have a solution for America's "Arizona problem"? The once-peaceful cactus colony is now an embarrassment to a nation that has many, but nothing quite like this. It really should've been obvious for years: When you move billions of elderly white people to an area with a large minority population and then take away everyone's money and houses in an overnight market collapse, everyone gets all worked up, and they all have guns, and the legislature responds by crapping out strange, violent pieces of legislation that should only appeal to dogs but get a decent reception among delirious broke people, too. And then someone shoots a member of Congress, which may or may not have anything to do with anything.

Congressman Fails Civility Test by Comparing Republicans to Nazis

Adrian Chen · 01/19/11 11:47PM

Ah, our new, super-civil politics. No longer will cross-hairs be threateningly wielded or presidents' birth certificates be questioned. Rejoice! Our national discourse now rises to the level of fragrant poetry. Except when a Democratic congressman compares Republicans to Nazis.