Who Will Win the Upcoming Civil War?

Hamilton Nolan · 07/15/16 01:15PM

With racial tensions, inequality, and populist rage set to boil over, some fear America could be on the path to a violent confrontation between the angry Trumpies and the equally angry lefties. Before we decide to start this war, we must ask: who would win?

Report: The State Department's Syrian Crisis Hotline Is a Mess

Sam Biddle · 03/02/16 01:58PM

There’s currently a “ceasefire” in effect throughout Syria, in an attempt to stem bloodshed between Russia, Turkey, the Syrian government, and various rebel groups. It has been violated over 30 times already. To help the U.S. keep track of this humanitarian disaster, the State Department is running a war zone hotline for Syrians to report violence. So far, it’s not going well.

Hillary Clinton Fails 7th Grade Civil War History

Sam Biddle · 01/26/16 11:09AM

At last night’s uneventful Iowa “town hall” discussion on CNN, Hillary Clinton was asked which president she most admires. Her answer: Abraham Lincoln. Her reason: a terrible muddled mess of Dixie revisionism that puts Reconstruction in the same dark bin as Jim Crow.

PSA: You Can Still Buy These Confederate Flags From Amazon and Walmart

Alex Pareene · 06/24/15 02:45PM

In the wake of the murders of nine black churchgoers by a white supremacist with Confederate sympathies, multiple national retailers announced plans this week to stop selling Confederate flags and Confederate flag-branded apparel and paraphernalia. Walmart was the first to eliminate Confederate merchandise, with eBay, Amazon and even Etsy following suit. As of today, there’s scarcely a trace of the famous “rebel flag” on or But bargain-hunting chattel slavery enthusiasts need not abandon their laptops for flea markets just yet: You can still buy Confederate flags at both of those sites—just not the one most people think of as “the Confederate Flag.”

Today Is a Work Holiday in Alabama to Honor Jefferson Davis

Adam Weinstein · 06/01/15 08:58AM

If you needed to run yonder to Bessemer for that easement to cross Scuzz McWhorter’s field so’s you can dig up all the lead shot what gramma’s blasted out there from the kitchen porch over all these years, let it wait till Tuesday, son: Alabama done went down to the beach in honor of the Confederacy!

Allie Jones · 06/20/14 12:45PM

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko ordered his troops Friday to cease fire for one week in an attempt to end the ongoing conflict between his government in Kiev and pro-Russian rebels in the country's east. Over 350 people have been killed in the fighting since May.

South Carolina's Jim Crow-Era Law Leads to an Insane Military Election

Adam Weinstein · 05/12/14 12:20PM

There are fifty states in our blessed union. There is only one state that holds an open election for the general who will command its National Guard forces. The reason is to keep black people from being too powerful. The result is that a convicted stalker may end up with all the tanks and guns.

Jim DeMint Says There's No Way the Federal Government Freed the Slaves

Adam Weinstein · 04/09/14 12:40PM

Jim DeMint, president of the conservative Heritage Foundation and latest spiritual guru of the tea party, told a Christian radio host last week completely un-ironically that "the conscience of the American people" freed the slaves in the 1860's, not "big government."

Black Florida Man Protests Union Monument by Singing "Dixie"

Adam Weinstein · 12/04/13 09:59AM

A state plan to honor Union soldiers at Florida's largest Civil War battlefield fell apart this week after "furious" pro-Confederate locals commandeered a town hall meeting, including an African-American activist who called Northern troops rapists and led the crowd in a round of Dixie.

White House Sending Weapons to Syria, Considering No-Fly Zone

Max Read · 06/14/13 07:44AM

Syrian rebels will soon be fighting with American weapons, now that President Obama has authorized arming rebel militias with light weaponry in the wake of U.S. findings that President Bashar al-Assad's forces crossed the "red line" of chemical weapon use.