David Barton · 12/07/10 06:00AM

Who: Barton is the beefy founder of the David Barton Gym chain. He can bench 405 pounds, in case you're wondering.

Anne Hathaway · 12/01/10 01:16PM

Anne Hathaway has had a busy week. She's the star of Love and Other Drugs which opened last weekend. On Monday, it was announced that she will co-host the 83rd Academy Awards. More »

Anne Hathaway · 12/01/10 06:00AM

Who: Hathaway made her bones as the star of syrupy Disney tween flicks like The Princess Diaries, but she's grown up fast in movies like Brokeback Mountain, The Devil Wears Prada, and Rachel Getting Married. Her latest film is Love and Other Drugs.

Pete Peterson · 11/30/10 04:00PM

Pete Peterson is a philanthropist, author and staunch economic conservative. He's the billionaire behind the silly ad campaign warning the public about America's deficit. More »

Pete Peterson · 11/30/10 06:00AM

Who: Pete Peterson is the co-founder of the giant private equity firm the Blackstone Group. He's the less ostentatious half of its founding duo (Steve Schwarzman being the other half) as well as a philanthropist, author, and outspoken economic conservative.

Isaac Mizrahi · 11/19/10 02:21PM

The host of The Fashion Show, which began its second season on Bravo last week, Isaac Mizrahi has been a staple on the fashion scene for more than two decades. More »

Isaac Mizrahi · 11/19/10 06:00AM

Who: Once a high-flying couture star, Isaac Mizrahi is best known these days as a TV personality. He's currently the host of The Fashion Show on Bravo and can be seen pitching his wares on QVC.

David Pecker · 11/18/10 03:16PM

David Pecker is the CEO of AMI, the publishing company responsible for high-brow literary magazines like the National Enquirer and Star. The company filed for bankruptcy protection yesterday. More »

David Pecker · 11/18/10 06:00AM

Who: The CEO of the rather generic-sounding American Media Inc., Pecker oversees a collection of more than a dozen magazines and newspapers including the National Enquirer and Star. The company filed for bankruptcy protection in November 2010.

Bob Pittman · 11/16/10 03:56PM

A co-founder of MTV and once a top exec at AOL Time Warner, Bob Pittman returned to the media industry this week to help turn around radio giant Clear Channel Communications. More »

Bob Pittman · 11/16/10 06:00AM

Who: Once a high-flying media mogul—he was one of the founders of MTV and later served as the No. 3 at AOL Time Warner—these days Pittman spends his time investing in Internet start-ups as the founder of the Pilot Group.

Georgina Bloomberg · 11/12/10 02:51PM

Georgina Bloomberg is Mayor Michael Bloomberg's younger daughter. The horse-obsessed heiress is recovering from injuries she sustained during a show-jumping competition last Friday. More »

Georgina Bloomberg · 11/12/10 06:00AM

Who: Georgina is the horse-obsessed younger daughter of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Cathie Black · 11/10/10 03:04PM

The former president of Hearst magazines, Cathie Black is the newly-appointed chancellor of the New York City public school system. More »

Cathie Black · 11/10/10 06:00AM

Who: The former president of Hearst Magazines, Cathie Black is the newly-appointed chancellor of the New York City public school system.

Jonathan Ames · 11/09/10 01:53PM

Jonathan Ames is the author of several oversharey memoirs and comic novels, and the creator of Bored to Death, the HBO series that recently began its second season. More »

Jonathan Ames · 11/09/10 06:00AM

Who: Comic writer Ames is blessed with a total lack of inhibition when it comes to his work, which mines the embarrassing, the shocking, and the sexually transgressive to tragicomic effect. He admits to being "probably the gayest straight writer in America."

Sue Simmons · 11/08/10 01:45PM

Although she's been off the air recently following back surgery, WNBC anchor Sue Simmons has been a New York news fixture for three decades now. More »

Sue Simmons · 11/08/10 06:00AM

Who: WNBC lead anchor Sue Simmons has been reading the headlines to New Yorkers alongside Chuck Scarborough for more than a quarter century.