How American Banks Are Engineering the Next Apocalypse, Again

John Cook · 11/02/11 02:31PM

Remember credit default swaps? AIG? Hopelessly entangled exotic financial instruments tied to esoteric asset valuations that caused cascading defaults in 2008 and threatened to tank the global financial system unless taxpayers ate all the losses? Remember how we reformed Wall St. to make sure that never repeated itself? Someone tell Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, and Morgan Stanley, because they've teed the whole damn thing up again, this time in Europe.

Banks Post Profits, But Still Need More of Your Money

Lauri Apple · 10/18/11 07:33AM

Be sure to send a congratulatory greeting card and $5 to your friend Bank of America, which has just posted third-quarter profits higher than last year's. About $6.23 billion! Not a bad showing. However, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. has surpassed them in assets, so those upcoming debit card fees are still necessary if you want Bank of America to stay in business and keep producing jobs.

Citibank Accused of Murdering a Credit Card Deadbeat

Jeff Neumann · 08/17/11 05:33AM

Are you feeling the heat from debt collectors? Or maybe you just aren't sure how you'll make your next credit card payment? Whatever the case, just be thankful you don't owe money to Citibank in Indonesia. And if you do, don't accept an invitation to settle in the bank's interrogation room.

When to Freak Out About a Hacker Attack

Adrian Chen · 07/07/11 06:30AM

This summer it seems every day brings dire news of a new data breach perpetrated by shadowy hackers. For those prone to panic, it might be enough to end in a hospital visit. But there's no need to freak out about every single attack reported by a hacker-obsessed media.

How to Steal 200,000 Bank Accounts With Your Web Browser

Adrian Chen · 06/14/11 09:53AM

You know what should be one of the hardest things in the world to do? Break into a bank and make off with tens of thousands of bank accounts. But hackers waltzed into Citigroup's website and did just that without breaking a sweat.

Embarrassing PowerPoint Résumé Actually Works

Maureen O'Connor · 12/01/10 02:41PM

Eager for work in the financial industry, an MBA student fired off a PowerPoint presentation entitled "9 Reasons Why You SHOULD Hire Me As Your Investment Banking Analyst." And, because, "Passion Is Business," she reportedly landed several interviews.