Plagiarizing Senator's Latest Speech Has 33 Footnotes

Sarah Hedgecock · 11/12/13 04:55PM

Rand Paul really, really doesn't want you to think he's a plagiarist. (Well, not anymore, anyway.) After being accused of lifting content from uncredited sources on multiple occasions, the Kentucky senator included no fewer than 33 footnotes in the speech he gave at the Citadel today.

Times' 'Miracle Fruit' Story Is A Ripoff Of Last Year's WSJ Article

Hamilton Nolan · 05/28/08 03:10PM

It's come to our attention that the Times' story today about the "miracle fruit" that makes everything taste sweet is—to use a technical journalism term—a big ripoff of a Wall Street Journal story from a year ago. A Page One WSJ story, at that. And it's not just that the Times wrote a piece on the same topic, which is common enough; they used a bunch of the same sources, and made the many of the same points in the same way. With not even a nod to the original! This is a semi-gotcha—it could have been solved by simply giving a little credit. It's not plagiarism, but it is enough to mightily piss off a fellow reporter. Check out the similarities: