The Roommate Kills All of Its Competitors

Richard Lawson · 02/07/11 12:11PM

A slow weekend saw the ladies rushing out to the cineplexes to have their fun before football madness descended upon the land and all was boy until Monday.

Here's Seven Minutes of the Best Slaps in Hollywood History

Matt Cherette · 01/24/11 04:16PM

One of cinema's earliest, longest, most famous and eternally requisite action moments is the slap. So, what better way to celebrate that than with seven minutes of the movies' best slap-happy moments, all conveniently presented in a supercut! Watch inside.

100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time

Christopher Han · 12/30/10 01:15PM

Here are the crudest, most vile, and also most creative insults you've ever heard put together into one devastating assembly line of a video. Hope you can pick yourself up after watching this.

Just How Many Types of 3D Are There?

Christopher Han · 12/28/10 06:00PM

Here is a compilation of moments in trailers where they mention that the movie is in 3D. For many it's not just 3D, but their very own, special 3D. You may shake your head in disgust.

Watch the Trailer for an Internet-Funded Film, Worst Friends

Christopher Han · 12/06/10 04:13PM

Hey, this video is edited by fellow Gawker.TV intern Sarah! It's for an "indie" (that's what the kids are calling it these days?) made by some familiar faces on the internet, along with Oscar-winning producer Erika Hampson. Fun!

Inception in Real Time

Christopher Han · 12/06/10 10:51AM

The further you go into dream levels, the more action you can fit into the same amount of real time. Here's a video that shows everything happening at once! (Warning: it's still not going to make sense)

It's Time for a Nicolas Cage Supercut

Christopher Han · 11/22/10 06:00PM

Nicolas Cage loses his shit. A lot. He takes it to a level most Hollywood actors wouldn't dare. Here is a montage of him losing his shit over and over again, set to the Requiem For a Dream soundtrack.

40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes

Christopher Han · 11/21/10 01:30PM

Get pumped, everybody. That thing you were going to do, but were too afraid to do, well you're going to do it! No chance of failing after watching this video! Or, just watch and enjoy. It's sweet, succinct, and inspirational.

A Supercut of People Introducing Themselves

Christopher Han · 11/18/10 02:56PM

Some of the most memorable lines in cinema are plain ol' introductions. Understated but always meaningful, the way different characters say it already reveals so much about their style. There are 250 instances here.

Sexual Milestones of Old Hollywood

Michael Jordan · 04/12/10 12:30PM

The debate over how and when sex should appear in films is a prominent contemporary issue. Concerns about common decency and sexual objectification, exploitation, and stereotyping fuel an important discussion on the cinematic depiction of sexuality in today's society.

Awful Looking Nic Cage Remake May Find an Audience After All!

Natasha VC · 07/29/09 07:50PM

Remember how you emailed a friend that trailer for some failed movie? One that by all appearances looked like a total misfire and couldn't get a distributor? Even though thespian powerhouse Nic Cage was the lead? Remember how you laughed?

Watchmen Reviews: 'Maybe It's Better to Grow Up'

Richard Lawson · 03/06/09 03:21PM

So how is this biggest-movie-ever Watchmen superhero flick? Well, not so good if many critics are to be believed. Should have been kept in holy reverence as a comic book (or graphic novel or whatever).

Public Enemies Makes Us Want to Shoot Bankers, Too

Richard Lawson · 03/04/09 05:19PM

Everyone's mad at the banks these days, because they've robbed us blind, and now they're holding their hands out wanting some more, please. So it's a perfect time for Johnny Depp as bank-robber John Dillinger.