Tom Scocca · 03/11/13 02:15PM

"[T]here are no reservations between 7pm and 9pm. Anywhere. Even a dreary spot." Michael Wolff is now Cindy Adams.

Socialite Keels Over in the Middle of a Fashion Show in the Front Row

Brian Moylan · 02/16/12 11:15AM

Zelda Kaplan, the hard-partying 95-year-old socialite who has been a fixture of the New York scene since the '60s, collapsed right in the middle of the Joanna Mastroianni fashion show at Lincoln Center yesterday, just as the second model walked past her. She was later pronounced dead. This is the first time a fashion show has literally been deadly boring.

Cindy Adams Would Like to Give You a Lesson on Fashion

Brian Moylan · 04/01/11 12:52PM

Pants are too droopy, no one dresses up anymore, boys are dressed like girls, girls are dressed with boys. No, these aren't the latest posts on the Things Old People Like To Complain About Tumblr page. They're the complaints gossip dowager Cindy Adams included in a screed about Manhattan street style today:

Cindy Adams

Remy Stern · 07/06/10 05:00AM

Who: Faded gossip empress Cindy Adams has been grinding out her column for the Post since 1981, although she hasn't published anything resembling real gossip in approximately as long.

Courtney Love Tantrum Tale Was Lifted from Facebook

Maureen O'Connor · 05/15/10 02:49PM

Flying from London to New York, Peter Frank and boyfriend Michael Bailey witnessed two Courtney Love meltdowns. They wrote about it on their Facebook walls. Four days later, the Post's Cindy Adams ripped them off verbatim.

Thrilling Love Triangle Drives Gossip Girl Stars Apart

Maureen O'Connor · 04/08/10 07:30AM

Ed Westwick dumps Jessica Szohr over a dramatic jetsetting affair. Lindsay Lohan's new stepmother used to be her assistant, and even Dina thinks it's "incestuous." Whitney Houston wasn't snorting coke, she has allergies. XOXO, Thursday Gossip Roundup.

Why George Clooney Was Mean at the Oscars, and Other Mysteries

Brian Moylan · 03/08/10 11:12AM

It's because his secret stash of booze ran dry. Sandra Bullock wins worst actress, Mo'Nique and Oprah clash, Farah Fawcett is forgotten, terrorists hate Hollywood, Tom Cruise gets in a wreck. Monday's gossip has a champagne hangover.