If You Have Ever Smoked, Just Give Up

Hamilton Nolan · 06/20/16 08:20AM

Are you now or have you ever been a smoker of the dreaded “tobacky?” Perhaps you gave up the habit long ago, for your health? No matter—you are doomed.

Hamilton Nolan · 04/28/16 09:40AM

Tobacco giant Altria today posted strong profits, with analysts crediting the fact that low gas prices have allowed smokers to purchase more expensive cigarettes. The system works.

Hamilton Nolan · 07/11/14 09:55AM

Reynolds Tobacco is seeking to buy Lorillard, bringing Camels and Newports together in a $56 billion cigarette behemoth just in time for everyone to switch from Camels and Newports to e-cigarettes.

Why Are Poor People Still Smoking?

Hamilton Nolan · 03/25/14 03:10PM

You know who still smokes a lot of cigarettes? Poor people. While yuppies are quitting and taking up Pilates and Zumba, the poors just keep puffing away. It's sad. Policy makers are vexed. What other, healthier habits could the very poor pick up?

CVS Will Stop Selling Tobacco Products by October

Taylor Berman · 02/05/14 07:22AM

Finally ending its quest to be the "cool" pharmacy, CVS announced on Wednesday that its stores will stop selling cigarettes and other tobacco products by October 1. The move will cost the chain an estimated $2 billion per year, though, in the long term, the company stands to make more by banning tobacco sales.

Teens Are Smoking Lots of, Uh, "Cigars"

Hamilton Nolan · 11/15/13 09:57AM

Today's flaccid teenagers are more interested in "gaming" on the computer with their "I-friends" than in smoking cigarettes, traditionally the cool teen pastime of choice. There is at least some burning, noxious silver lining for the tobacco industry.

Lacey Donohue · 10/31/13 12:08AM

The New York City Council voted Wednesday to raise the minimum age for buying tobacco from 18 to 21. The new minimum age will take effect six months after Mayor Michael Bloomberg signs the bill into law.

Hamilton Nolan · 10/29/13 04:06PM

Australia is now the proud home of the world's most unattractive cigarette packaging.

Robo-Vaping Is the Sad Future of Smoking

Hamilton Nolan · 10/08/13 02:42PM

Lawmakers in Europe have voted to ban menthol cigarettes, but have rejected a proposal to heavily regulate "E-cigarettes." This development further cements the vast gulf between the cool, dangerous, retro smoking choices of the past, and today's ridiculous techno-vaping nerd trend.